LEO: An intelligent wearable fitness device that actually monitors your body

It seems like we see a new fitness wearable come along every few months.  Most of the fitness ‘gadgets’ that hit the scene in 2014 are based on similar concepts, so you have to decide what actually distinguishes one from other.  The only thing that truly differentiates a product is the team behind the product.  The […]

GYMWATCH: Wearable Fitness Tracker that Measures Strength & Motion

December 2014 Release Date – Updated price of $200 USD Take your fitness to the next level and order this powerful training tool today!   GadgetWhore/GW Gadgets loves fitness wearables and we just found out about this awesome looking device named the Gymwatch.  Much like other notable fitness wearable devices, the Gymwatch measures  many different […]

Apple Will Drink Android Wear’s Milkshake…and Pebble and Samsung’s too.

Everyone is excited for the upcoming release of the Moto 360 smart watch powered by Android Wear.  It is a bit larger than a normal wristwatch, but it is one of the first smart watches that can be worn daily without drawing unwanted attention.  It has one of the few features that most smartwatch makers […]

Amiigo App Screenshots 03/31/14

   Get the Amiigo apps here:           Update: 05/03/14 – Team Amiigo released a very important update today confirming that all 200 early bird devices have been shipped. They also released a summary of the types of activities that can be tracked. Below is the txt from today’s update on Facebook. […]