Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Can It Compete With the iPhone 6?

This week the web was hit with glorious images of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.  What makes the Galaxy Alpha different from all the other Galaxy Phones?  With the release of the Galaxy Alpha, it marks the first time Samsung will offer a metal chassis on a Galaxy phone.  This is something that Apple has already […]


  crowd·fund·ing noun noun: crowdfunding; noun: crowd-funding the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. This post will focus on electronic based hardware crowdfunding projects. CAMPAIGN OR REAL-PAIN The best way to manage  your expectations is to understand how the […]

Nabu Razer Review

NABU RAZER Priced at under $100(currently $49.99 for developers), the Nabu Razer is an affordable wristband device that keeps you connected to your mobile world and provides you with fitness and sleep metrics at the same time.   Finally we have a device that gives you a way to stay connected with the outside world […]

LG G Watch

This review of the  LG G Watch is coming a little bit later than most of the reviews that came out when the device was first released.   I figured that I would live with the device for a few weeks before I gave my impressions of it. It is difficult to give a review […]