Vudu for iOS and Android Finally Work With Chromecast

Vudu for iOS and Android now support standard definition(Update: HDX streaming now available ) streaming via Chromecast.
It looks like support is limited to only standard …

2012 Holiday Gift Guide – Gadgets and Stuff

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We decided to release …

Boxee Box From D-Link – Winner!

Boxee Box Apps
The Boxee Box by D-Link has been out for over a year now.  The initial reviews of this device were poor, but i decided that I should check it out for the …

Apple TV 2 Review


Sonos Multi-Room System

Visitor Submitted Product Review

Dear GadgetWhore…
I recently had a Sonos Multi-Room Music System installed in my house, and I must say, I am very impressed. I …

Google Tv – Trying To Get Around the Hulu Block


Download the latest release
On your GoogleTV type into the search bar (on the Logitech Revue you find this by clicking the magnifying glass on the bottom, …

Google TV – Not Ready For Primetime

Google TV doesn’t promise to be anything, so you can’t be shocked when it just doesn’t do much.
The slick search box, the Chrome App with the FULL …

Hulu on Google TV(Sony Internet TV) – IT WORKS!

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It …

Sony PS3 Netflix Goes Disc Free


Starting next Monday, you won’t need a disc to enjoy Netflix on your PS3 system.
The interface is much improved over the disc version.  Some movies will now be …

BenQ GP1

A projector that fits in your pocket

BenQ Projector

Either that is a huge hand or, (more likely) the projector is tiny.
(Credit: BenQ)
BenQ is claiming that its new …