Garmin Edge 520 with Strava Live Segments


Garmin is selling its newest Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer for $299 USD and giving you three months of Strava’s Premium service for free. It may sound like Garmin …

Valencell – The Company That Powers Wearables


Valencell is a small tech company from North Carolina that is empowering the next wave of consumer wearables with biometric data that offers unmatched accuracy. …

Atlas Wearables – Android Beta App Sneak Peak

Atlas Wearables – Android Beta App Sneak Peek

Why Isn’t the Moto 360 A Full Circle?


Many people were disappointed by the lack of a fully round display in the Moto 360.  When LG announced the LG G Watch R, they were  quick to allude that …

Did Motorola Just Give Us A Preview Of the Moto 360 II (2nd Gen.) ?


Did you catch it in the Motorola’s most recent video for the Moto 360?
You may be wondering what we are talking about, right?   Did you see the full circle Moto 360 …

Moto 360 Specifications Leak, Price and Release Date


We finally have a reason to thank Best Buy.   According to reports, they accidentally leaked the specifications for the much anticipated Moto 360 android wear …

Nabu Razer Review

Priced at under $100(currently $49.99 for developers), the Nabu Razer is an affordable wristband device that keeps you connected to your mobile world and …

LG G Watch


This review of the  LG G Watch is coming a little bit later than most of the reviews that came out when the device was first released.   I figured that I would live with …

Strava Android App Now Supports Android Wear


Download Strava on the Play StoreDownload Strava on the Play Store
Strava Android app updated to support Android Wear.
This is one of our favorite running

Runtastic Gets Android Wear Support


Download Runtastic on the Play StoreDownload Runtastic on the Play Store
It looks like more apps are getting an Android Wear update in preparation for next week’s …