Create Your Own Custom Android Wear Watch Face

The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are out and people are searching for custom digital watch faces.  The Samsung Gear Live  and LG G Watch have basic standard watch …

Strava Android App Now Supports Android Wear


Download Strava on the Play StoreDownload Strava on the Play Store
Strava Android app updated to support Android Wear.
This is one of our favorite running

Runtastic Gets Android Wear Support


Download Runtastic on the Play StoreDownload Runtastic on the Play Store
It looks like more apps are getting an Android Wear update in preparation for next week’s …

Android Wear Apps FINALLY Available For Download


Download Android Wear Compatible AppsAndroid Wear Official App Available and Also 3rd Party Apps
If you are one of the lucky few who received a LG G Watch …

LEO: An intelligent wearable fitness device that actually monitors your body


It seems like we see a new fitness wearable come along every few months.  Most of the fitness ‘gadgets’ that hit the scene in 2014 are based on …

GYMWATCH: Wearable Fitness Tracker that Measures Strength & Motion


Updated After CES 2015The Gymwatch Sensor
December 2014 Release Date – Updated price of $200 USD
Take your fitness to the next level and order this powerful …

Apple Will Drink Android Wear’s Milkshake…and Pebble and Samsung’s too.


Everyone is excited for the upcoming release of the Moto 360 smart watch powered by Android Wear.  It is a bit larger than a normal wristwatch, but it is one of the first …

Amiigo App Screenshots 03/31/14

 Get the Amiigo apps here:


Update: 05/03/14 – Team Amiigo released a very important update today confirming that all …

Vudu for iOS and Android Finally Work With Chromecast

Vudu for iOS and Android now support standard definition(Update: HDX streaming now available ) streaming via Chromecast.
It looks like support is limited to only standard …

Pro Fitness Caliber Wearables Go Mainstream and To the Masses


Remember those crazy 90’s Gatorade commercials where elite athletes were evaluated at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute? Pro athletes were running on treadmills …