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Gymwatch Sensor Android App

Gymwatch Android App

Gymwatch is the wearable start-up from Germany that released a device to track strength and motion.  Many customers were angry when they received the crowdfunded product, but did not have access to the android version of the app.  Only early iOS customers had access to an app with limited features to test and try out their new product.  Still, weeks later the android app has not been released yet.  Gymwatch was scheduled to release theapp on 01-30-15, but they still wanted to check the app for bugs and compatibility.

Gymwatch did not leave us without hope.  On Friday , they posted this video walkthrough and it looks amazing:

We can’t wait to try out the app as soon as possible.   The team at Gymwatch claims that it will sent to the Google Play store early next week.

PerformTek by Valencell

Valencell – The Company That Powers Wearables

PerformTek by Valencell

Valencell is a small tech company from North Carolina that is empowering the next wave of consumer wearables with biometric data that offers unmatched accuracy.  Valencell’s biometric sensor technology has been clinically validated in earbuds, armbands, wristbands and more.     Their Perform Tek sensor is one of the only sensors on the market that is accurate enough to receive in activity real-time biometric data.   They were one of the first companies on the biometric data scene and hold many patents on the technology.

Cutting edge technology health and fitness companies are partnering with Valencell to bring these biometrics to your everyday life.  They created a sensor small enough to fit in earbuds and car be used in countless other devices and use cases.  Valencell’s goal is to make biometric data gathering as easy and seamless as possible.  The team saw that everyone uses ear buds while working out and that was a great place to start.   The fascinating thing was that the ear just happened to be a great spot to gather the data using the optical sensor.   Many of the current generation devices use optical sensors for heart rate readings and many suffer from inaccurate data collection due to noise.  The Perform Tek sensor has a set of algorithms that filter out the noise caused by movement, skin, sweat and other issues that can cause issues with the data readings.  The Perform Tek sensor is one of the few sensors on the market that has been clinically proven to be accurate during in exercise activities.

In 2014, some of the major technology companies like MicroSoft, Garmin and Intel all released products that provide biometric data available at a glance.  One of the major complaints with most new devices is the fear that the data gathered is not accurate.  How useful is data if it can’t be relied on?  If you read the reviews of most fitness wearables, you will find complaints about inaccurate data.   Valencell hopes that their Perform Tek brand will be synonymous with fitness biometrics as Intel is to computer processing.  They hope to be the name that you think of when you need reliable and intelligent data on biometrics.

How the sensor works:

The first Perform Tek licensed devices hit the market in late 2012 and early 2013.  The sensor is getting better each year and you will see even more products that license the Perform Tek sensor and its technology in 2015 and 2016.

Here are a few of the devices that are using the Perform Tek sensor:


Atlas Wearables Wristband  [Atlas Website]


Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones  [Amazon]

Jabra Pulse

iRiver On Heartbeat Headphones   [Amazon]

iRiver On

Scosche Rhythm Smart Arm Band   [Amazon]


LG Heart Rate Headphones  [Amazon]

LG heart rate headphones

SMS Audio Bio-Sport Headphones    [Amazon]


Most of the devices received very good reviews, but some of them have issues with the apps provided by the different companies.  I assume that these are all issues that can be worked out.   I did not find many reviews that disputed the accuracy of the data.



Wearables – Are They In It For The Data?

Consumer Wearables are incredibly difficult to design, manufacture and ultimately release.  Most consumer Wearable software platforms are proprietary and take years to design and develop.  The hardware and software build out for wearables can be more unpredictable if the company building it is a startup.  Startups don’t have the connections in China to the huge manufacturers and find it very difficult to select a suitable one that can meet their deadlines and specific hardware requirements.    The hardware needed for these wearable products  is changing quickly and great demand.   There isn’t a great profit to be made from a wearable product unless you have great reach like Fitbit, Jawbone or Apple.   Why would a company get involved in a low-profit margin product in the first place?  It isn’t the hardware that is going to make them money.  The software in most of these products arei designed to collect your raw data and upload it, usually to a cloud-based platform where it is analyzed and  the metrics assigned to your profile.   This offers the user some great insights on several health and fitness metrics and can help show patterns of activity that lead to better results.   The problem with the data they collect is that THEY OWN THE DATA.   The data, once collected in bulk, by hundreds of thousands of users is where the real money can be made.  It is important to read the privacy policies of these companies because they usually state that they are authorized to use your data.  If you are lucky, they claim to anonymize your information into gender, age and fitness baskets and that none of your personal identifying data is wmade public.  It is still your most personal and private data that you are giving away for free to a company is telling you that they plan to collect all of it and SELL it.   These smaller companies can’t make a huge sum of money off hardware.   The Pebble smart watch was one of the few startups to really make it big and I would assume that they are rethinking their game plan at this stage of the wearable game.  As sensors get more advanced and the data they can collect will get more personal and invasive.  Who is to say that these companies are only collecting the data that they show you on your app?   In the near future, these companies will have access to all of your raw health and fitness data.  They will have a robust database with your age, height, weight, gender, activity level, pulse rate, location and much more.   Yes, it would be cool if one of these young startups was purchased by Apple and they used that data for the intended purpose of making wearables that could help the consumers reach health and fitness goals.  If could be the complete opposite if an insurance or health provider purchased the data to use for other reasons.  I don’t think that it would be legal at this point, but what if your health care provider could raise your rates because you fit into a generic category based on metrics collected from people your age, gender, height and weight? What if your insurance provider required you to maintain a set number of steps each day to keep your monthly premium at the same price?  We are living in a connected world and we are freely uploading our weight from connected scales, our blood pressure from connected bp monitors and our health and fitness information from a million devices out there.    Is our data being used for good? How are these companies anonymizing our data?   How secure are they?  How much is my data worth to me?


2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Men’s Edition




Each Year the GadgetWhore staff put together a list of the items we want most. We are closing in on a little over a month until Christmas Day and now it’s time to release the list.
All these items can be found and ordered on and full disclosure, we do have an Amazon Affilitate account.

When we gathered around the office table, it was only seconds into the conversation when one of our team members yelled out, “I want a friggin drone!”
It ended up that the entire GadgetWhore staff wanted one too. The mind of the modern American Male is very primitive when it comes to electronics and gadgets.  We don’t want that electric tie organizer or electric shaver…we want something that that we can take outside and break.   I’m not saying that we want to break it, but we just want the possibility that we can potentially cause some havoc with our item if we don’t use our manly skills to control it.  This is why a drone/Quadcopter is the PERFECT GIFT for any man.  A 5 year old kid to an 80 year old man would be thrilled to fly one of these things.  We do not recommend letting a 5 year old fly this thing, but let an 80 year old go to town one of these and you may just add some excitement to the retired life.

Drones can get quite expensive, so we wanted to list at least two of them in the mid and low range.


DJI Phantom – In the $500 range

DJI Phantom

The DJI Phantom is one of the most affordable drones available this holiday season.

DJI Phantom Buy Now on Amazon


The DJI Phantom is the lower end model of the Phantom line because the Phantom 2 was released, but the 2 is available in the $1300-$1500 range.   This $500 Phantom quadcopter allows up to 15 minutes of flight time and many advanced features. if you know a guy who is into filming extreme sports, outdoor landscapes or just enjoys remote control devices, he is sure to enjoy this item for the months to come.


Video may not show exact model with the exact features of the item on Amazon.


Phantom has an integrated flight dynamics system, the Naza-M + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system, as well as the dedicated remote control and receiver. Flight parameters and functions have been setup before delivery, so you can fly your Phantom the moment you receive it. The proven stability of the Naza-M autopilot system allows you to easily achieve great flight performance.

Any guy 18 to 35 years old would LOVE to get this as a gift.


The current #1 bestseller in Hobby RC Cars is this lower priced quadcopter for the people who aren’t ready to fork over the big bucks that the DJI Phantom will set you back.   The UDI Quadcopter with Camera will cost you in the $60-$70 range.

UDI Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 

UDI Quadcopter - Affordable Flight


UDI QuadcopterBuy Now on Amazon


TheMighty Thor on You Tube out up an awesome video showing what this thing is capable of.  Please be aware that flight on this quadcopter is fully manual and not assisted by GPS like the DJI Phantom.  This device will take some practice to perfect your flying technique, but it will be well worth it.





Best Wearable For the Price


The Pebble Steel Smartwatch – $150-$199


Pebble Steel Holiday Gift Guide


Pebble SteelBuy Now on Amazon


The Pebble Steel Smartwatch has been out longer than the Android Wear and latest model Samsung Smartwatches, but this thing will be the best dollar for dollar value of any smartwatch on the market.   It offers superior battery life , readability and has a great app ecosystem behind it.  The E Ink display in older technology, but Pebble does a great job at making this device feel modern.  This may be one of the devices that you shouldn’t buy online.  According to many rumors and Black Friday ads, this thing could go as low as $150.   At $150 this thing is a steal!!!!


Techno Buffalo gave a great video review of the Pebble Steel.





If all the items above are too expensive, you can get something a little more practical for the man in your life.   Every guy we know is always running out of juice on their phones.   A great gift is something that would help out in times of low battery.   This really isn’t a joke because having a low battery on your cell phone can even be a safety issue.  We recommend that every guy has either a nice car charger or a battery life extender.  Also, a huge danger is when your guy tries to call you when driving.  Not only is it dangerous, but it is illegal in many states.


Loftek has you covered with a great deal on its Handsfree audio/music player and USB Charging adapter for under $30.


Loftek Handsfree Audio/Music plus USB Charging Adapter


Loftek Holiday Gift Guide


Loftek Receiver & ChargerBuy Now on Amazon



The Loftek offers a great way to add hands free calling to older cars that are not equipped with bluetooth.  It is also a great way to play your music from your cell phone thru your car speakers.   The USB charger should be able to charge any UBS capable device, but check the full specs.



We will be adding more items daily to this list.





's Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360

Moto 360 – How-To Guide's Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360’s Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360

You finally have your Moto 360 in hand, but you want to know how to do certain things.  Here are a few useful How-To guides and other resources that will help you get started.

If you have any tips, tricks or videos that you made,  you can leave a comment and we can add it to this guide.

Android Wear Apps to Install Right Away


Download Android Wear Android Wear App


You have to have this app installed on your phone if you want to pair the Moto 360 with your phone, so you should download it before you even get your watch.   It will save you some time and you’ll be happy that you are ahead of the game at this point.

Install android wear

Once installed and you pair your watch with your phone, be prepared to charge the Moto 360 for 30 to 45 minutes.  The watch will begin downloading the updated firmware, but you will not be able to install the update until your battery reaches over a 90%(i think it was around 90%, but it could have been higher) charge.  This is a required update and you won’t be fully up and running for at least an hour after you get the watch home.


If want to save battery life on your MOTO 360 you are going to need to make sure to TURN OFF ambient mode.   This basically means that you Moto 360’s screen will turn off instead of going into lighter display mode.  This is the best way to get some extra battery life out of your watch.

When your watch is idle, you can set the screen to turn off completely, or always stay on.

You can adjust this setting from your watch or from your device.

To adjust this setting from your Moto 360:

  1. Touch anywhere on the background of the screen. You’ll see a white screen with a red Google icon.
  2. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  3. Scroll until you see Settings.
  4. Touch Settings.
  5. Touch Ambient screen.
  6. Choose On or Off.

Tip: To optimize battery performance we recommend Ambient screen be set to Off.

To adjust this setting from your device:

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app .
  2. Touch the Settings icon .
  3. Check or uncheck the box next to “Screen always on.


Another tip that may sound a bit silly for a android wear smartwatch is to mute notifications when you  don’t want to receive notifications from your device.   I always mute notifications when i am at work because i usually have my phone on my desk.   This will help you save some battery life and your watch will still show the time when you flick your wrist.  It is always good to use the largest screen you have to view notifications.

Download WearfacesWearFaces for android wear

The WearFaces app will let you download custom Android Wear watch faces and even create your own.   They recently added several that work specifically with the round Moto 360.



Download Facer Facer for android wear




Facer is the ultimate in custom watchfaces for Android Wear. Facer allows you to fully customize your watchface. Unlike other apps you can create analogue or digital watchfaces! Facer is compatible with the LG G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live, and the Moto 360! Simply select your watch during setup and get started! If you don’t feel like designing your own watchface you can download a watchface in-app using our unique, custom watchface store. From classic analogue watchfaces to futuristic digital watchfaces, Facer offers it all.

With the new in-app watchface store and multiple watchface support, you can create multiple watchfaces for every outfit you have, so that you will always have the perfect companion to that stunning outfit!


Facer offers an easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, allowing you to create the watchface just the way you want. From choosing the font, to placing a wallpaper and even showing your battery percentage, it’s all easy with the built in editor.

Facer is also fully compatible with images designed for WearFaces. Just select your WearFace image, set the alignment point to center, and use the rotation tags to make your WearFaces work with Facer!

With Version 0.85 Facer is fully compatible with the Moto 360 watch, get a head start on creating your watchfaces today!

Download Wear Mini Launcher Wear Mini Launcher App

Android wear doesn’t offer an easy way view android wear apps that you have installed.   This little app offers a cool looking launcher and easy access to settings.  This was recently updated to work with the Moto 360’s round display.


Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher – Settings

Wear Mini Launcher

App Drawer Screen




You are going to need to download the Motorola Connect app here.

Motorola Connect App

Talk Android created a really great tutorial on how to use Motorola Connect to customize watch faces.


How to Change the Moto 360 Watch Band


YouTube user Matt W. has created a great video of how to change the standard leather Moto 360 watch band to the stainless steel Pebble watch band.

You can find the watch band featured in the video on Amazon here:

Pebble Steel Stainless Metal Watchband – Retail Packaging – Brushed Stainless


Moto 360 AccessoriesSee Accessories


The Best Forums and Groups For Moto 360 Users


Moto 360 Group on Reddit –  One of the best groups online to get answers and tips from a community of helpful users.

Moto 360 Facer Group on Reddit –  If you want user created watch faces, this is the one spot to bookmark.

Not really a forum or group, but the watch face website FaceRepo is the best spot to download a free watch face for your Moto 360.  This site works much better if you have the premium app Facer installed on your phone.


Moto 360 Official User Guides

Moto 360 Online User Guide (pdf)

Moto’s Tip & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for using your Moto 360:

Dim the screen with your palm

To quickly dim your screen, just put your palm completely over the screen until it vibrates.

Stop your watch from vibrating with one swipe

To turn off all Moto 360 vibrations, mute your watch by swiping down all the way from the top of the watch’s screen. The watch will vibrate and you’ll see the word “Mute.” To unmute, just swipe down again.

Stop specific apps from showing notifications on your watch

If you get notifications on your phone that you don’t want to see on your watch, you can stop specific apps from showing up on your watch. You might want to see email on your phone, for example, but not on your watch.

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app.
  2. Touch the Settings icon .
  3. Touch Mute app notifications.
  4. Touch the Plus icon .
  5. Touch the app you want to block.

Silence your phone automatically when using your watch

If you want your phone to stop making sounds when your watch is connected, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app  .
  2. Touch the Settings icon .
  3. Check the box next to “Silence connected phone.”

Speak to get to Settings

You can speak to your watch to quickly see the Settings menu.

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Say “Ok Google.” You’ll see a white screen with a red Google Button
  3. Say “Settings.”

Speak to do simple tasks

You can see a menu of simple tasks on your watch, and anything in this list can also be said aloud.

For example, once you’re on the menu you can touch “Start stopwatch.” To do the same thing with your voice, just say “Ok Google, start stopwatch” from most screens.

To see the menu of things you can do:

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Say “Ok Google” or touch anywhere on the background of the screen. You’ll see a white screen with a red Google Button
  3. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  4. Swipe up to see different options.



How do I manage applications on my Moto 360?

Android Wear allows you to use several of your current apps, like Google Now, Google Hangouts, and Gmail, on your Moto 360.

You also have the ability to download other applications to use with your Moto 360.

To download new apps, on your phone or tablet:

  1. Touch Android Wear
  2. Scroll down to Browse suggested apps
  3. Select the desired app


  • After installing an app, you can select it to be the default application used. For example, if you downloaded an agenda app, go to Android Wear, touch Agenda and select the new app.
  • Some applications may have a negative impact on battery performance. If you have recently installed a new application and you notice a decline in battery life, it is recommended you remove the application from your phone.





Moto 360 AccessoriesSee Accessories




Moto 360 Isn't A Full Circle

Why Isn’t the Moto 360 A Full Circle?

Moto 360 Isn't A Full Circle


Many people were disappointed by the lack of a fully round display in the Moto 360.  When LG announced the LG G Watch R, they were  quick to allude that their display was better because it offered the first smartwatch with a true circular display. The LG G Watch R may very well be a better display, but it isn’t because it is a full circle.

Moto 360 'Flat Tire' Displau

Moto 360 – ‘Flat Tire’ Display –  This is where the display drivers are housed



You can can see from the image below that the Moto 360 team designed several displays and one of them was a fully circular display.   The problem that they had was the fact that the bezel added a thickness that took away from the beautiful streamlined look of the Moto 360.  The bezel is typically where the the display connections/drivers are housed in most smartwatches.   The LG G Watch is a great example of how the typical smartwatches use the edges very inefficiently in this manner.  The connections need to be covered up and this is why you can see in the image above that the LG G Watch R has a thick bezel with a large outer ring.  The LG G Watch R design attempted to make the bezel as functional as possible, but it is still very thick.   You can see that the Moto 360’s bezel is small and the front glass almost reaches the edge of the device.  The Moto 360 also included an ambient light sensor in that extra space that added functionality that isn’t available in other current generation android wear devices.

Moto 360 Prototype

Early Moto 360 Prototype

Is the image above or something similar the watch that you want to wear?  I think that they slimmer design with the ‘flat tire’ display is a much better design and the Moto design team made the right decision.

The Moto 360 could be better and i’m certain that they will tackle the display questions, battery life issues, the generations old processor, storage capacity and much more in the 2nd generation device.  Android Wear version one didn’t require a quick processor because it initially offered a very limited amount of functionality.   The next versions of the software with offer music storage, GPS Capabilities and much more.   Stay tuned because this ride is just getting started.


Moto 360 Render without flat tire

Did Motorola Just Give Us A Preview Of the Moto 360 II (2nd Gen.) ?

Did you catch it in the Motorola’s most recent video for the Moto 360?

You may be wondering what we are talking about, right?   Did you see the full circle Moto 360 without the ‘flat tire’ at the bottom?

Fully round Moto 360

It wasn’t only displayed once.   They actually showed it twice.

Moto 360 Without the Flat Tire

It was most likely just a render, but why wouldn’t they just display the final product render with the ‘flat tire’?

I’m guessing that it really was just a render of how that would have liked it to look, but it does look quite beautiful with the full circle look.

I bet this design shows up in the future, i would say sometime after the holiday season with better battery life, more flash storage, a higher quality screen, GPS, Ant+ and a dedicated music player and a more powerful processor.

Moto 360 Replacement Watch Band

Moto 360 22mm Replacement Watch Bands


Moto 360 Replacement Watch Band


Were you driving around to every Best Buy within a 100 mile radius or did you have multiple chrome tabs open with the Google Play, Motorola and Best Buy stores loaded at 9AM(PST) on Friday?  I bet you are still clicking on Best Buy’s website to check the availability of the much anticipated MOTO 360 in your area…you poor soul.  Well, we did the same thing and we are still ashamed of ourselves today.   We  were a little disappointed that only two leather bands are available at launch?

Official Moto 360 Bands are now available

Leather Bands $29.99Available on Moto Website
Moto 360 Metal Replacement Band

Amazon is currently selling the Metal Moto 360 replacement Band for $79.99

Get Motorola’s Metal Band for $79.99 on Amazon.


Moto Metal Bands $79.99Moto 360 Metal Bands Available on Amazon

Amazon recently added a bunch of low cost replacement straps that claim to be made specifically for the Moto 360.   These bands range from $13.99 to $19.99.

Brown Leather Moto 360 Watch Band

These watch bands claim to  be made specifically for the Moto 360

Moto 360 Leather Bands on Amazon starting at $13.99Moto 360 Leather Bands



More Moto 360 Leather Bands on AmazonMore Moto 360 Leather Bands on Amazon - $13.99 and up



If you just want to customize the watch a little to add your own personal style, you are going to have to wait for official options.  The leather bands in different colors will eventually be made available for $29.99 and the metal bands will be sold for $79.99.  The metal moto 360’s will be released(see image below from Verizon) in November at a cost of $299.99.


Moto 360 Metal Bands Won't Be Available until 11-11-14


GadgetWhore’s style maestro has curated some of the coolest looking bands available, but see the warning below that SlashGear was able to get regarding non-official metal bands:

Warning about unofficial metal Moto 360 Bands

If you dare, here are of a few of the bands that Mr. GadgetWhore found to be the coolest.   Please check device sizes and specs to make sure these are compatible with the Moto 360 before purchasing.  Please be aware that you get what you pay for and some of the bands listed below do not come with spring pins or are made of inferior materials.  Quality leather straps will cost you $40-$80 and quality metal bands will run over $100.  The bands shown below are a good way to try out  how different style bands will look. The watch bands below are in NO WAY GUARANTEED TO FIT on the Moto 360.  Some bands can even cause damage to your device.  There have been recent reports that the Pebble Band can crack the rear plastic cover.

*Prices are noted at time of publication and may change at any time.


As of right now, the only replacement straps that are confirmed as working are the Pebble Steel bands.

Initial reports were that any 22 MM band would work, but this does not seem to be the case without heavy modifications to the band or pins. I am removing watch band links because I don’t want anyone to be unhappy with any non-working bands/straps.

Some users of the Pebble bands are reporting that the pebble band can rub against the inner part of the band housing and cause scratches or cracking of the rear plastic case.   If you are concerned about this, please wait for official bands to be released.


Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel Available at

You can order the Pebble Steel band here on if you still want to purchase it after reading the warnings above.

Available on AmazonORDER NOW on AMAZON




There has been some discussion that bands without the notch shown below will not work with the Moto 360.  Please comment in the comments section with links to the watch bands that you were able to get to work with the Moto 360.    This will help the community find bands that fit the Moto 360.

September 09, 2014 – Most premium and budgets bands have been removed and only watch bands verified by photo or common knowledge will be posted. Even bands verified by photo may require modification by creating a “notch” on the band. Any non-official band can cause damage to your Moto 360. Please purchase bands and 3rd party accessories with caution and at your own risk.
Moto 360 Notch on Leather Band


Here is the story of Horween, the official supplier of the Moto 360 bands that come with the device.  They make a good case for why premium leather is better.  Motorola really did give us premium materials with our watch.

I had an email conversation with the fine folks over at CROWN & BUCKLE to verify if the premium Horween Bands will fit on the Moto 360.   They don’t have a Moto 360 to test them on, but they are concerned that there is chance they may not fit the watch.  In reviewing the images of the official Moto 360 leather straps, the CROWN and BUCKLE straps do NOT have a notch in the middle where the band connects to the watch.   Please leave a note in the comments section a list any of the bands that you were able to fit on your Moto 360.  This could help prevent unhappy customers or having to return a strap that doesn’ t offer the proper fit.

As a precaution, all Crown & Buckle Horween bands have been removed until we can get verification that they fit the Moto 360.  The bands from Etsy have also been removed for the time being.

Many users report having to modify straps and/or bend pins to get straps to fit. If you are not willing to put in a little work to get these straps to fit, it may be best to wait for the official straps to arrive. Some users are cutting their own notches into straps, but It isn’t worth damaging the watch or the straps.



Here is a little video of the Horween factory in Chicago and the five floors they use to tan the leather.


Metal Bands

Super Engineer II – Note only 20MM –  $74.00



Super Engineer II

















photo on Moto 360

A reddit user installed this metal band on his Moto 360.  This band requires modifications to the Moto 360 or  the band itself. You will have to cut out a notch into the metal band.  This requires tools and an experienced DIY-er.  These are not modifications that can be done by a novice tool user.  Any 3rd party band can and may damage your Moto 360 and even crack your rear case.  BE WARNED before ordering.

Below is a comment on that says that the fit is a little tight on the Moto 360:






Buy Now on AmazonSuper Engineer II


Budget Bands

I am only including bands that I found photos of them being used with the Moto 360. These bands may require additional modifications as they were not originally made for the Moto 360. The main modification required is cutting a notch out at the ends of the leather band.  These bands will most likely not fit straight out of the box.  Some 3rd party bands can even crack the plastic on the back of the device.  *Purchase 3rd watch bands and accessories at your own risk.



22 mm – –  $26

This band may require a modification to fit on the Moto 360.  This may be a difficult or impossible task if you are not familiar with hacking/crafting items to get them to work.

This will not fit the Moto 360 out of the box.




photo on Moto 360

Hadley-Roma Brown Leather 

This band may require modifications to fit the Moto 360.

22 mm – – $15.24

Requires Notification










photo on Moto 360



Hirsch 145021-70-22 22 -mm Genuine Calfskin Watch Strap

22mm – – $48.00

Requires Notification






Users say this band requires major modifications.  You must add the “notch” to get this band to fit on the Moto 360.  This is very difficult to do if you have no experience working with leather and may damage the watch or the strap.  Purchase at your own risk.


Hirsch HoneyL eather













Photo on Moto 360



Custom Moto 360 Premium Leather Bands 


Custom Leather Watch Bands for Moto 360

















Buy NowBuy Custom Moto 360 Leather Bands




We will post more as we find them.  Remember, these bands are in no way guaranteed to work with the Moto 360.  Please check size specifications or email the seller directly for more information.

Qi Wireless Chargers 

The Moto 360 supports Qi wireless charging. If you need an extra one for the office, you can find a few on   We will highlight the top rated ones below.   Please check with the manufacturer to verify that it will work with your Moto 360.


Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad – $22.99 (at time of publication)

4 out of 5 stars


Qi Wireless Charger - Moto 360 (non-official)


PowerBot® PB1020 Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad

$14.99 –  4 out of 5 stars

Qi Wireless Charger


Samsung Qi Wireless Charger – $39.99 –

Only 3 out of 5 stars, but this is a brand name unit.

Samsung Qi WIreless Charger



MOTO 360 Screen Protectors $4.02 (at time of publication)

Moto 360 Screen Protector



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