Garmin Edge 520 with Strava Live Segments


Garmin is selling its newest Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer for $299 USD and giving you three months of Strava’s Premium service for free. It may sound like Garmin and Strava are just being very, very nice at first. The truth is that they are being a little nice and doing a bit of great marketing while they are at it. To benefit from the Strava Live Segments feature, you need to have a Strava Premium membership that normally runs $60 USD a year. Garmin is offering three free months if you buy an Edge 520 from them or one of their authorized dealers. Strava is offering a $44 dollar discount off an annual membership if you purchase directly from them as part of a bundle.

The Garmin Edge 520 is available as a standalone device or a bundle that includes heart rate strap along with Speed and Cadence sensors for $100 more.

Garmin Edge 520 color display

The Garmin Edge 520 with color display

Strava Live Segments are highlighted as the newest killer feature, but the LIVE part can be a bit misleading. I initially thought that it pulled live data from a connected smartphone device in real time to update maps and pull up historical data from other athletes who have completed the segment. The truth is that all the live Segment maps and user data are pulled up beforehand and then compared to your ride data.  As of release, the data will not include information for all of the segments that you cross during your ride. Garmin has curated the most popular segments in your riding area that must be downloaded to the device prior to your ride. The Live Segments are only LIVE if you pre-load the data first. This is a bit of a bummer for me, but it may not matter as much to you guys and gals.

Garmin removed that pesky touchscreen that bothered users of the previous Edge 510 model. The Edge 520 does include phone notifications that include incoming calls and text messages. This should be helpful if someone needs to get a hold of your while you are out on a long ride.  It also includes the live tracking feature that allows people to view your location in real time.

The device should have somewhere in the range of 15 hours of battery life and includes a very nice 2.3-inch color screen.   The Edge 520 connects to GPS and GLONASS satellites for a strong connection.  The Edge 520 includes all of those standard features that you know and love from any Garmin bike computer.  You are able to configure the screen in countless different ways and you have access to information to all of your current metrics and sensor data.   You can also view your Cycling Dynamics if you have a connected power meter.

Available on Amazon, Strava and by other authorized Garmin Dealers.

Garmin Edge 520 on AmazonGarmin Edge 520 on Amazon


Garmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 520 on Strava (plus annual membership)




*Please note:  Prices or information may not be accurate at the time of product release.  please check Garmin Release notes before making any purchase.

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