Fix Your Broken Amiigo Shoe Pod



The Amiigo was released not too long ago and the reviews are mixed as of right now. Some users really love it and find it to be a great tool to give insights into their daily workout and sleep routines.

The Amiigo is unique because it is actually two devices.  The Amiigo has a wristband and shoepod/shoe clip.   The shoe clip enables tracking that other current generation activity trackers are not able to do.  What happens if you lose your shoe pod or if it breaks?  Amiigo has you covered and allows you to order a replacement one online.   That can get very expensive if you have to replace it more than once.

I ran into a product while watching the Random Show Podcast with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris.   Tim gave Kevin a product called Sugru and he described what it was and what it could do.  I instantly thought of all the disappointed users in the Amiigo Fitness Band Users  Group on Facebook that had broken or lost foot pods.   Sugru is a clay-like putty that cures overnight and turns into rubber.  Check out the YouTube video below to see what I am talking about:

I think that this product could be perfect for your broken Amiigo Shoe Clip.  It may also be useful to close the gap at the end and prevent it from falling off while walking or running.   Have you tried Sugru?  Let us know who it worked for you!

Sugru on AmazonCheck out the reviews of Sugru on Amazon


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