Why Isn’t the Moto 360 A Full Circle?


Moto 360 Isn't A Full Circle


Many people were disappointed by the lack of a fully round display in the Moto 360.  When LG announced the LG G Watch R, they were  quick to allude that their display was better because it offered the first smartwatch with a true circular display. The LG G Watch R may very well be a better display, but it isn’t because it is a full circle.

Moto 360 'Flat Tire' Displau

Moto 360 – ‘Flat Tire’ Display –  This is where the display drivers are housed



You can can see from the image below that the Moto 360 team designed several displays and one of them was a fully circular display.   The problem that they had was the fact that the bezel added a thickness that took away from the beautiful streamlined look of the Moto 360.  The bezel is typically where the the display connections/drivers are housed in most smartwatches.   The LG G Watch is a great example of how the typical smartwatches use the edges very inefficiently in this manner.  The connections need to be covered up and this is why you can see in the image above that the LG G Watch R has a thick bezel with a large outer ring.  The LG G Watch R design attempted to make the bezel as functional as possible, but it is still very thick.   You can see that the Moto 360’s bezel is small and the front glass almost reaches the edge of the device.  The Moto 360 also included an ambient light sensor in that extra space that added functionality that isn’t available in other current generation android wear devices.

Moto 360 Prototype

Early Moto 360 Prototype

Is the image above or something similar the watch that you want to wear?  I think that they slimmer design with the ‘flat tire’ display is a much better design and the Moto design team made the right decision.

The Moto 360 could be better and i’m certain that they will tackle the display questions, battery life issues, the generations old processor, storage capacity and much more in the 2nd generation device.  Android Wear version one didn’t require a quick processor because it initially offered a very limited amount of functionality.   The next versions of the software with offer music storage, GPS Capabilities and much more.   Stay tuned because this ride is just getting started.


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