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4 Comments's Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360’s Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360

You finally have your Moto 360 in hand, but you want to know how to do certain things.  Here are a few useful How-To guides and other resources that will help you get started.

If you have any tips, tricks or videos that you made,  you can leave a comment and we can add it to this guide.

This guide was put together a long time ago when the Moto 360 was first released. At the time, not many official or 3rd party accessories were available. now has many Official and Unofficial Moto 360 items listed.


Moto 360 on AmazonMoto 360 Accessories & Chargers



Android Wear Apps to Install Right Away


Download Android Wear Android Wear App


You have to have this app installed on your phone if you want to pair the Moto 360 with your phone, so you should download it before you even get your watch.   It will save you some time and you’ll be happy that you are ahead of the game at this point.

Install android wear

Once installed and you pair your watch with your phone, be prepared to charge the Moto 360 for 30 to 45 minutes.  The watch will begin downloading the updated firmware, but you will not be able to install the update until your battery reaches over a 90%(i think it was around 90%, but it could have been higher) charge.  This is a required update and you won’t be fully up and running for at least an hour after you get the watch home.


If want to save battery life on your MOTO 360 you are going to need to make sure to TURN OFF ambient mode.   This basically means that you Moto 360’s screen will turn off instead of going into lighter display mode.  This is the best way to get some extra battery life out of your watch.

When your watch is idle, you can set the screen to turn off completely, or always stay on.

You can adjust this setting from your watch or from your device.

To adjust this setting from your Moto 360:

  1. Touch anywhere on the background of the screen. You’ll see a white screen with a red Google icon.
  2. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  3. Scroll until you see Settings.
  4. Touch Settings.
  5. Touch Ambient screen.
  6. Choose On or Off.

Tip: To optimize battery performance we recommend Ambient screen be set to Off.

To adjust this setting from your device:

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app .
  2. Touch the Settings icon .
  3. Check or uncheck the box next to “Screen always on.


Another tip that may sound a bit silly for a android wear smartwatch is to mute notifications when you  don’t want to receive notifications from your device.   I always mute notifications when i am at work because i usually have my phone on my desk.   This will help you save some battery life and your watch will still show the time when you flick your wrist.  It is always good to use the largest screen you have to view notifications.

Download WearfacesWearFaces for android wear

The WearFaces app will let you download custom Android Wear watch faces and even create your own.   They recently added several that work specifically with the round Moto 360.



Download Facer Facer for android wear




Facer is the ultimate in custom watchfaces for Android Wear. Facer allows you to fully customize your watchface. Unlike other apps you can create analogue or digital watchfaces! Facer is compatible with the LG G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live, and the Moto 360! Simply select your watch during setup and get started! If you don’t feel like designing your own watchface you can download a watchface in-app using our unique, custom watchface store. From classic analogue watchfaces to futuristic digital watchfaces, Facer offers it all.

With the new in-app watchface store and multiple watchface support, you can create multiple watchfaces for every outfit you have, so that you will always have the perfect companion to that stunning outfit!


Facer offers an easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, allowing you to create the watchface just the way you want. From choosing the font, to placing a wallpaper and even showing your battery percentage, it’s all easy with the built in editor.

Facer is also fully compatible with images designed for WearFaces. Just select your WearFace image, set the alignment point to center, and use the rotation tags to make your WearFaces work with Facer!

With Version 0.85 Facer is fully compatible with the Moto 360 watch, get a head start on creating your watchfaces today!

Download Wear Mini Launcher Wear Mini Launcher App

Android wear doesn’t offer an easy way view android wear apps that you have installed.   This little app offers a cool looking launcher and easy access to settings.  This was recently updated to work with the Moto 360’s round display.


Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher – Settings

Wear Mini Launcher

App Drawer Screen




You are going to need to download the Motorola Connect app here.

Motorola Connect App

Talk Android created a really great tutorial on how to use Motorola Connect to customize watch faces.


How to Change the Moto 360 Watch Band


YouTube user Matt W. has created a great video of how to change the standard leather Moto 360 watch band to the stainless steel Pebble watch band.

You can find the watch band featured in the video on Amazon here:

Pebble Steel Stainless Metal Watchband – Retail Packaging – Brushed Stainless


Moto 360 AccessoriesSee Accessories


The Best Forums and Groups For Moto 360 Users


Moto 360 Group on Reddit –  One of the best groups online to get answers and tips from a community of helpful users.

Moto 360 Facer Group on Reddit –  If you want user created watch faces, this is the one spot to bookmark.

Not really a forum or group, but the watch face website FaceRepo is the best spot to download a free watch face for your Moto 360.  This site works much better if you have the premium app Facer installed on your phone.


Moto 360 Official User Guides

Moto 360 Online User Guide (pdf)

Moto’s Tip & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for using your Moto 360:

Dim the screen with your palm

To quickly dim your screen, just put your palm completely over the screen until it vibrates.

Stop your watch from vibrating with one swipe

To turn off all Moto 360 vibrations, mute your watch by swiping down all the way from the top of the watch’s screen. The watch will vibrate and you’ll see the word “Mute.” To unmute, just swipe down again.

Stop specific apps from showing notifications on your watch

If you get notifications on your phone that you don’t want to see on your watch, you can stop specific apps from showing up on your watch. You might want to see email on your phone, for example, but not on your watch.

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app.
  2. Touch the Settings icon .
  3. Touch Mute app notifications.
  4. Touch the Plus icon .
  5. Touch the app you want to block.

Silence your phone automatically when using your watch

If you want your phone to stop making sounds when your watch is connected, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, open the Android Wear app  .
  2. Touch the Settings icon .
  3. Check the box next to “Silence connected phone.”

Speak to get to Settings

You can speak to your watch to quickly see the Settings menu.

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Say “Ok Google.” You’ll see a white screen with a red Google Button
  3. Say “Settings.”

Speak to do simple tasks

You can see a menu of simple tasks on your watch, and anything in this list can also be said aloud.

For example, once you’re on the menu you can touch “Start stopwatch.” To do the same thing with your voice, just say “Ok Google, start stopwatch” from most screens.

To see the menu of things you can do:

  1. If your screen is dim, touch the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Say “Ok Google” or touch anywhere on the background of the screen. You’ll see a white screen with a red Google Button
  3. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  4. Swipe up to see different options.



How do I manage applications on my Moto 360?

Android Wear allows you to use several of your current apps, like Google Now, Google Hangouts, and Gmail, on your Moto 360.

You also have the ability to download other applications to use with your Moto 360.

To download new apps, on your phone or tablet:

  1. Touch Android Wear
  2. Scroll down to Browse suggested apps
  3. Select the desired app


  • After installing an app, you can select it to be the default application used. For example, if you downloaded an agenda app, go to Android Wear, touch Agenda and select the new app.
  • Some applications may have a negative impact on battery performance. If you have recently installed a new application and you notice a decline in battery life, it is recommended you remove the application from your phone.





Moto 360 AccessoriesSee Accessories





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