Did Motorola Just Give Us A Preview Of the Moto 360 II (2nd Gen.) ?

Did you catch it in the Motorola’s most recent video for the Moto 360?

You may be wondering what we are talking about, right?   Did you see the full circle Moto 360 without the ‘flat tire’ at the bottom?

Fully round Moto 360

It wasn’t only displayed once.   They actually showed it twice.

Moto 360 Without the Flat Tire

It was most likely just a render, but why wouldn’t they just display the final product render with the ‘flat tire’?

I’m guessing that it really was just a render of how that would have liked it to look, but it does look quite beautiful with the full circle look.

I bet this design shows up in the future, i would say sometime after the holiday season with better battery life, more flash storage, a higher quality screen, GPS, Ant+ and a dedicated music player and a more powerful processor.

  1. It might. But the flat tyre really bothered me when reading reports on the watch. The lower resolution display did as well as the old processor too. But what nearly killed it for me was reports on the abysmal battery life.

    I only read between lines because I’ve known flawed test reports & reviews before, so I did buy the watch.

    Then I realised all the reports were flawed. The flat tyre is totally unnoticeable, the device isn’t slow or laggy at all, the display is totally superb, & the battery life & charging simply amazing.

    All in all for a first gen. No faults or desirable found. In fact, it’s not even going to be easy to improve it at all, & the software has already been updated twice with major improvements already!