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Marcus Weller CEO of SKULLY

Marcus Weller was vacationing in Europe and taking in the local roads while motorcycling when he quickly looked off to read a street sign and crashed into a car that had unexpectedly stopped.  He figured that there had to be a piece of technology that could prevent this type of incident from happening again.  He scoured the interwebs and found that such a product did not exist.  Soon after he had a dream that he was back on that same road in Europe, but this time the accident was prevented because his helmet had a display with navigation and a rearview camera.   The seed for Skully was planted.  He has devoted almost two years into refining the idea that became the quickest indiegogo campaign to reach one million dollars in funding.

Skully Helmet

The Skully AR-1 is the motorcycle accessory equivalent to a techie’s Google Glass.   Unlike Google Glass, Skully’s main purpose is not to receive notifications.   Skully’s smart helmet’s main purpose is to make the motorcyclist more aware of his/her surroundings and therefore increase safety.  The integrated rearview camera  and app integration for music and phone calls helps you to ‘honor the moment’.  The team believes that technology should eliminate distractions, remove blindspots, provide direction when you want it, and help you focus your attention back to where it belongs – on the road ahead.


The Skully provides an always in focus  heads up transparent display ,an Ultra wide angle rear view camera, GPS navigation and high speed microprocessor.  It connects to your phone’s internet via Bluetooth connectivity and receives over the air updates.


Skully Navigation and Rearview Camera


It is DOT/ECE certified, has a fog scratch & glare resistant visor and quick release chin strap.  It comes in sizes S-XXL with padding inserts and is made of a lightweight aerodynamic material.   It comes with an intelligent speaker system that offers audio music streaming  and hands-free calling.


Skully Tech Speca

This devices does not offer text messaging capabilities because the founders believe in creating a responsible device that in no way distracts from the road.

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