Create Your Own Custom Android Wear Watch Face


The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are out and people are searching for custom digital watch faces.  The Samsung Gear Live  and LG G Watch have basic standard watch faces and custom watch faces designed specifically for their devices. There are already several custom android wear watch faces available on the Play store.

What if you just want something more personal?  You are in luck because an app named WearFaces has been released that lets you create very basic custom watch faces.  It is a fun little app to play with.  The app is currently free, so show the developers some love with a good rating on the Play Store if  you like it.

Custom Android Wear Watch Faces

WearFaces is available on the Play Store to create custom android wear watch faces


Here is a little video that the developers put together.

Here are the template files that you can use to create your custom android wear watch faces.

Custom watch face for LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live

Custom Android Wear Watch Face


Custom Android Wear Hour Hand


Custom Android Wear Minute Hand


Here is a graphic of the instructions:

Custom Android Wear watch face


We gave it a shot and downloaded the app and template files and spent a few minutes creating a GadgetWhore branded Custom Android Wear Watch Face.   This is a very crude design based on a design that we saw from the Moto 360 contest and the minute markers came out messed up.   This was our first attempt and it really doesn’t look that bad.  You are going to need the  template files and software to edit the images. You can leave the default hour and minute hands while you are testing your new watch face on your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live.


Custom watch face for android wear

Custom GadgetWhore Branded android wear watch face.

 Update: Wearfaces updated to allow dim state watch faces and also added a watch face gallery to their website.

Please share any of your design in the comment section and show off your designs.


If you were looking custom watch faces to download rather than create, you  can find some here.

Binary Watch Face

Wear Watch Faces

ACW Watch Face

Band O’Clock For Wear


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