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The Gymwatch

GadgetWhore/GW Gadgets loves fitness wearables and we just found out about this awesome looking device named the Gymwatch.  Much like other notable fitness wearable devices, the Gymwatch measures  many different aspects of your fitness routines.


The Gymwatch can measure force, maximum strength, one rep max, strength endurance, speed strength, starting strength, explosive strength, muscle strength, volume, power. count reps,  sets, speed, calories burned, distance, step count, step duration, step length, cadence, stroke rate and many more. The Gymwatch is currently on sale via their Indiegogo campaign for $149 plus $20 for shipping outside of Germany.  One of the very cool features the Gymwatch offers is the personalized audio training.   The device gives you audio coaching as you perform many fitness activities.  The device can notify you if you are performing exercises too quickly or without using the proper form.  The Gymwatch is the most feature packed fitness/exercise tracking device we have seen so far.  If the demo video is accurate, this device is leaps and bounds ahead of Amiigo and  Atlas Wearables.  The web platform can  be output via HDMI to display on your television during workouts.  You can basically live stream all of your workout data to your television.  It is an amazing experience that I hope makes it to market in July as reported by the team out of Germany.


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Workout Data On Your Television

Gymwatch Data On Your TV

Here is where they are in the development process as of today:

Gymwatch Current Development Status


Here is what the Gymwatch team has to say about the device.

We developed the first patented sensor to measure strength and motion across fitness exercises, including machines, free weights and bodyweight. The sensor records the full range of motion of an exercise, determines every strength component, repetitions and detects incorrect exercise execution to help ensure exercises are performed properly and desired fitness goals are reached.

Data that the GYMWATCH can track

Training Data - Gymwatch

Real-time Data

Get visual and auditory live feedback on any screen or through your earphone.

Gymwatch Realtime Feedback

How is GYMWATCH different?

  • We track actually every Fitness Exercise
  • We measure all strength and motion metrics
  • Sensor and Smartphone support you in the execution of fitness exercises with visual and auditory feedback
  • The sensor is made in germany and patent protected.



Gymwatch Dual Sensor



Updated After CES 2015Updates below this button

The Gymwatch team made an appearance at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas to show off their technology.   They had a demo that was similar to the app demo that appeared on their You Tube account about a month ago.   Basically, they demonstrated how kettlebell front raises work in conjunction with the iOS app.  Several of the articles tout that the device can recognize over 900 exercises.  They have yet to release an android app, so only iOS users can use the product right now.  The device does look slick and have some nice animations, but it seems to be geared towards the beginner and not the hardcore enthusiasts that the Push Strength device or Atlas Wearables device does.   Early on they stated the device supported Ant+, but I no longer see mention that they currently support it at the moment.   I was reading the reports from CES 2015 and I could not gather any new information about the device that wasn’t already out there.   So far the device does not seem to be delivering on all the promised features, but I expect that they will roll out updates and a web portal very soon.   The Gymwatch team did state that the iOS and android apps with differ greatly because of how the platforms are so different.

The GadgetWhore’s Gymwatch devices are en route, so we will let you know how they perform in our tests.

Here are some videos that describe what the Gymwatch Sensor is capable of:


We Received Our Sensors
We reveived our Gymwatch Sensors yesterday and had about an hour to test them out.

Gymwatch Sensor Initial Impression Review – 01-24-15

Our two Gymwatch Sensors arrived yesterday in the mail.  Upon opening them up we noticed that they feel like very high-quality products with a very ‘finished’ look.   They are much smaller and much lighter than we expected.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is make sure you have the iOS or android app(coming 01-30-15) installed on your device.  There is currently no web portal available at this time.

The sensors took almost 10 to 15 minutes to charge up to 20%.  The devices have to be charged up to 20% battery life in order to run the firmware update.  You can connect the sensors to your iphone or ipad after only a few minutes of charging.  The bluetooth connection process was about as easy as any bluetooth connection that we have ever made.  The firmware update process is very easy and takes 7 to 10 minutes.

Once everything is installed and updated, you can start testing your devices.   This is the part of the process that isn’t as seamless and smooth as we hoped for.   The current app version(1.1.1 on iOS) isn’t very intuitive.   We weren’t exactly sure how to create a workout or start a guided workout.   Once we were able to start a workout, we could not figure out a way to save it as template for a future workout.  We don’t think that the trainer guided mode is available yet.   We did a few test workouts and named them ‘Test’, ‘Test’ and ‘Test’, but we did not realize that you can’t delete them once you create them.  There are quite a few things missing at this point in the app. We are certain that the Gymwatch team is constantly working on updated the app.

We can say without any doubt that it does an excellent job of counting reps and sets at this point.   You have to select your exercises before you start your workout or as you go. You have to enter the weight in order for the app to calculate some of the metrics.  The app  doesn’t display any live in workout stats besides reps, sets, speed and range of motion at this point.  I believe that they are re-working the iOS app to automatically recognize your activities without having to select them individually.  The soon to be released android app is also supposed to automatically recognize all activities.

We do think that the app needs to re-work the data and post workout analysis screens to be more useful.  They need to have more charts and lists that display historical workout data.  They should take some cues from what Garmin Connect is doing and even the app of the very similar Push Strength Sensor.

This device is very new and we can see it only getting better as the apps are refined and the web portal is released.   Right now it is a great rep and set counter, but we are hoping and feel very confident that they will deliver on what they described in their IndieGoGo Campaign.

Android App Finally Released

The android version of the Gymwatch was recently released and it looks very nice, but the initial bluetooth pairing process and firmware update was so confusing and frustrating that the Gymwatch team had to release a video demo of the process.   We play around with many bluetooth devices and have never had such a confusing process.  The most confusing part was that at one point it just stops and gives you no indication that anything is still going on.   We were eventually able to figure it out, but it took 20-30 minutes to get it working.

Once you are up and running with the app you quickly notice that the design is very nice and easy to understand.  One thing that was disappointing was that you cannot currently use two sensors at the same time.  They will be updating the app to work with two sensors towards the end of February 2015.

Once you place the device in the correct location and enter the load, it did a great job of counting reps, sets, power, velocity, work and moved tons. We tested it on several exercises and it performed well on counting reps and sets.  There was initially no voice/audio coaching or training programs made available, but they are do in the next few months.  The web portal is still not available(Early February 2015), so it isn’t exactly clear how this device will be used as a training tool just yet.  We still have to give the edge to the Push Strength band when it comes to being usable as a pure training tool.   The Push Strength device has a much more feature rich app that gives you recommendations based on each set and tells you when to move on to a new exercise based on velocity training principles.  They also have a web portal(Premium Feature that will cost approx. $10/month) that allows you to set your training sessions, view data and export that data when needed.



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