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Update: 05/03/14 – Team Amiigo released a very important update today confirming that all 200 early bird devices have been shipped. They also released a summary of the types of activities that can be tracked. Below is the txt from today’s update on Facebook.

Can Amiigo Track My ______ ?

We’ve loved all the questions lately, regarding exactly what Amiigo can track. We’ve had folks ask about nearly everything – from Horseback Riding to Badminton to Water Hockey.

The Amiigo system is the first to classify complex activities. As many might remember, a few months back we decided to open up system and let YOU choose what Amiigo tracks….

In “workout” mode, Amiigo will track a wide variety of resistance and cardio activities. You do not need to ‘upload an activity’ in order for it to be tracked, as long as it is repetitious and continuous.. Amiigo will find all activity regions and their reps, duration, form, consistency, speed and calories.

However, if you do choose to upload activities beforehand, Amiigo will also attempt to name each activity region and of course, track the details. See the image below, which shows what you might expect to see in the app if you perform an activity that has been ‘uploaded’ prior to the workout, and what you’ll see if you perform an activity that was not ‘uploaded’.

Samples of the activities that Amiigo tracks are:

Kettle Bell Swings
Standing Shoulder Press
Shoulder Shrugs
Calf Raises
Shoulder raises
Dumbbell straight arm pullover
Dumbbell Hammer Curls
Dumbbell sumo squat
Dumbbell flies
Dumbbell front squat
Dumbbell overhead press
Dumbbell curls
Bench press
Bent over dumbbell rows
Hamstring curls
Hanging knee raises
Jumping jacks
Lat pulldown
Leg press
Military press

Stair Stepper

..the list goes on.

Most resistance machines work very well with Amiigo too, because the way you perform the activity is often fluid and repeatable. In order to successfully upload an activity, you must complete 15+ “clean” reps or 30 seconds worth of movement for cardio based activities. The more you teach Amiigo, the smarter it becomes. The list of activities that Amiigo supports is growing by the day – thanks to the users we have now and their feedback. We can’t wait to see where we can take this with your help. We’ll leave it to you to find the limits, and we’ll do our best to overcome them.

Now its our turn.. what will you use Amiigo to track?

amiigo app in action

Update: 04/19/14

Several ‘Early Bird’ users have reported receiving their Amiigo devices and even posted pictures online.  User Kyle Newton posted pics here and user Bao Bit posted this pic of how the device looks when unpacked. Below is a copy of the text that they posted to their Facebook profile:

Update: 04/04/14

Here is the link to the Amiigo App on the Google Play Store. amiigo app on Google Play

A source was nice enough to send us screenshots of all the Amiigo app screens. This is going to take a long time to load the page.

Our source was also nice to point out a few of the things that were missing from the app.  The original indiegogo campaign promo stated that the app would have social features and competitions, but the current app has no mention of any of those type of events.  Also, the oxygen reading that the original promo video displayed in NOT in the app at all.   Our source also pointed out that it appears that you will have to set the device to sleep mode.  It does not automatically enter sleep mode like some of the newer wearable devices out now. As stated by Amiigo earlier, the heart rate readings are only resting, but the app does give you the option to check now.

I’m sure that the app is a work in progress, but it is very basic as of this initial release.



















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