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September 26, 2014 – We finally received our Amiigo. We will be reviewing it and testing it soon. We are impressed with what we see so far.


 Get the Amiigo apps here:

iOS Logo



Android Amiigo App

Amiigo Teaser Video – This isn’t new, but I just noticed it.

Update: 08/16/14 –  Amiigo Fitness Band Users Jeffrey J. and Russell R. posted some Cycling activity and Rowing details screenshots



Update: 08/08/14 – Dave Scott Gives interview the Amiigo Fitness Band Users Group – Question by user Dave Tarantula to Amiigo CEO David Scott

Dave Tarantula : And what is one thing that you ask backers to try to understand so they know Amiigo is really doing all they can to put out a stellar product?

David Scott: The complexity of the technologies and two devices. Creating a wrist-worn pedometer is simple. It’s one device, one sensor, one software ‘engine’, one bluetooth connection etc.

Being a pioneer isn’t for the faint of heart. We hoped to carry that burden alone. Unfortunately, it has required more patience from those who trusted us to do it from the get-go. We can’t express how much pressure we feel to get the product out quickly and how hard we are driving the team and manufacturer. We don’t sleep a whole lot around here. We’re always in a bunker, heads down, giving it our all to make Amiigo the most powerful tool in wearable tech for the data driven people out there. We can’t emphasize enough how hard we are pushing and how many moving parts there are. But most importantly, we want our backers to know we are especially grateful to people like you, who have stood there right beside us.

Please join the Amiigo Fitness Band Users Group for even more updates. You can find a link in the comments section of this post.


All Remaining Medium Charcoal Amiigo Wristbands being sent out from China at the end of the week

Update: 07/26/14 – David Scott, CEO of Amiigo Posts New Information

David Scott has been radio silent on the official Amiigo page, but he is VERY active on the Amiigo Users Facebook page.  Today, he posted info about the special tracking pages for swimming and cycling.

Update: 07/11/14

We really do not know what the deal is with the amiigo team. An update 4 weeks ago said that they were assembling 200 to 250 amiigos a day.  At that pace they should have assembled at least 5600 amiigos ready to ship.  We ordered an Amiigo during the first week of the campaign and are still yet to receive an update that our device has been shipped.

Here is are some of the updates from Amiigo over the months that make this process so unbelievable:

13 months ago  –  Indiegogo delivery estimate June 2013.

1 year ago (July ’13) – “While the size reductions and new manufacturing partnership bring mostly positive news, the enhancements and changes will unfortunately delay production a little longer. June was a good estimate, but it looks like we’ll have to push until late Summer. Our new units will have to go through another round of testing. Once these units are tested, we will move forward with the production of all of your perks. 

11 months ago – “Now for the TIMELINE. As a result of our commitment to a quality product and efficient delivery, beginning next week we will be in San Jose, with the manufacturer. We will be on-site, each day, throughout the entire process, and will update you every step of the way. We anticipate that the production of your Amiigos will begin towards the end of August, and at that point we will have hard dates for delivery. Having team members on-site each day will enable us to update more frequently and thoroughly to help keep you in the loop.

10 months ago – “We are finally honing in on a reliable schedule and delivery date. Summer is flying by and we know many of you are anxious to receive your Amiigos. We’re aiming to ship your Amiigos mid-October(2013).

9 months ago – “We’ve recently heard from our suppliers that due to the custom dimensions of both parts there is lead time of approximately 30 days. Unfortunately this was not anticipated in the timeline we outlined in the last update. This puts us a few weeks behind schedule. Once we have all components in hand we’ll need another couple of weeks for testing and final assembly and installation before we can get them sent to you. 

8 months ago – “As mentioned in the last update, we’re still aiming to ship your Amiigos before Thanksgiving(2013). 

7 months ago – “As a result of this, most of the units will ship in the first or second week of January(2014).

5 months ago – “We still anticipate the first Amiigos to be fully manufactured next month.”

5 months ago – “As you can see in the attached photo, we’ve got production shoe pods in hand!  We’ve finally buttoned down the manufacturing and assembly processes!  PCB and PCBA are well underway. We have begun shipping batches of electronics overseas for final assembly, as discussed in the previous updates, and will continue to do so for the next several weeks.

5 months ago – “Now, the low down on the manufacturing process, and the cause for the recent hold up. The shoe pods are dialed in. The chargers are ready to ship. The bottleneck is in the wristband overmolding.

4 months ago – “We hope to have nailed down the process completely by Monday at which point we’ll begin overmolding the carriages that contain the wristband electronics. As far as shoe clips go, the tools are done, production parts are molded and all final assembly processes pinned down… Just waiting on the wristbands.

4 months ago – “We’ll then begin shipping the ‘early birds’… finally!  We expect to begin shipping the ‘early bird’ devices in 2 weeks and will begin shipping the remaining units at the end of the month.

2 months ago – “Hey All- The much anticipated build is nearly complete and the wristbands will begin shipping out of Asia tonight. Once received in California, we will pair the wristbands with a shoe clip & charger and prepare them for their final destinations. We plan to ship first units to the ‘early birds’ and then continue through all the remaining backers from indiegogo as efficiently as possible…

2 months ago – “Just updating on recent progress.. In addition to the early bird perks (which stateside backers will receive this week, and backers abroad sometime next week) we were hoping to ship another 1k sets of devices to backers this week. Unfortunately we’re seeing that ~50% of the wristband accelerometers show symptoms of ‘stiction’(wikipedia breaks it down nicely). 

1 month ago – “We’re starting production in this weekend. As you know, two of the technologies we use during our assembly process have a give-and-take relationship. We’ve found the sweet spot and are gearing up for the next push.  We hope to complete the charcoals in this run. The first devices will take roughly 5 days to complete once we begin, at which point we will get them in the mail(the indiegogo orders). Thanks for the support. Have a great weekend!

1 month ago – “Production is underway, and as mentioned previously, the yields are up to ideal levels.  We expect to complete all the charcoals in this production run.  The devices will begin shipping to the states this weekend and we will be sending out email notifications confirming your device is on its way.  Also, for those who do have the devices already, be sure to download the latest apps in the app store and play store.  Thanks!

4 weeks ago – “First things first – production is still ongoing.  The first shipment of charcoals was shipped to the states, as anticipated, and the next wave of backers will receive their Amiigos next week.  At today’s pace, we’re assembling ~200-250 units per day.  We’re monitoring the fragile assembly process and increasing output as the process stabilizes.  We expect shipments to continue going out weekly until the charcoals are completed. Currently, we’re assembling the medium sized wristbands. Once complete, we’ll move on to the smalls/larges.  We are shipping to both international and stateside backers.

Update: 04/30/14

Prototype Amiigo owner, Kyle Newton, posted a video app demo on YouTube.

Update: 04/19/14

Several ‘Early Bird’ users have reported receiving their Amiigo devices and even posted pictures online.  User Kyle Newton posted pics here and user Bao Bit posted this pic of how the device looks when unpacked. * 04/26/14 – I wanted to update this statement because it looks like a very limited few ‘early bird’ users were sent devices for testing purposes.  As you can see from some of the pictures, many of the devices shown have cosmetic blemishes and markings on them.  It does not appear that any of the 200 ‘early bird’ users from the indiegogo campaign have received a consumer unit yet.

One of our trusted sources sent us a picture of his device that he recently received.

Amiigo just arrived and charging

Update: 04/04/14
link to Amiigo Android App on Google Play Store

UPDATE: 03/31/14  : A source  sent us over almost every screenshot of the Amiigo app.  You can view them here or on Amiigo’s Facebook page.


We are a month and a half into 2014 and we still don’t have any of our most anticipated fitness wearables in hand.

We have been fairly rough on team Amiigo lately because we are excited about the product and want to get our hands on it as soon as possible.

Amiigo is working on the final tweaks to its manufacturing process before it finally ships out its final product.  Earlier this week(February 2014) Dave Scott released a new video showing a demo of the Amiigo iOS and Android companion apps and here is a little breakdown of the video for those of you who do not want to have to pause it every few seconds. We grabbed a few screenshots,so we apologize that we are not actually showing the video here.  The demo was short, but it included some details of what we should expect to see and not see when it is released.

Amiigo Options

On the sidebar/slide out menu we see the options for HOME, WORKOUT, SLEEP, HEART RATE, CONNECT and SETTINGS.   The most recent app design interfaces are a total revamp of the app screens they previewed for most of 2013.  We should say that the new design and layout is far superior to the version previewed earlier this year.  This version of the app leaves out some of the social competition and interaction features that they had teased, but maybe these are tucked away behind the scenes.  The overall look of the app is modern and the iOS version is optimized for the latest version of iOS.  The android version looks very similar and has the same features.  The CONNECT section does not seem to be a SOCIAL connect tab because it seems to be related to bluetooth BLE connections on the device.

Amiigo Sleep Analysis


The sleep analysis section gives you a nice display with your amount of sleep and a breakdown of what appears to be movement while sleeping or even a restlessness indication.  It also displays your bedtime, what time you fell asleep, your average heart rate while sleeping and even a score of your quality of sleep. These are basic, but still very nice features.

Amiigo Step Graph


The step and calorie counter has the same visual chart display and the sleep section, but it displays different items that include calories burned, distance traveled, average heart rate and total duration.  It also provides you a count of your total step for the day along with a way to scrub across your chart you view your steps by time of day.  It seems like some cool information along the lines of what you would expect from Fitbit or one of the larger companies in this wearables space.

Amiigo Heart Rate Activity


In the Heart Rate section it provides you with your average BPM for that day and you can also view your historical information.   It also gives you your average beats per minutes for different activities like STEPS, SLEEP and when you are at rest.   It does not give an average BPM for workouts, but this could be mainly because this number would vary based on what kind of exercises your were performing for that day.  I have also read that heart rate monitoring during workouts is very difficult to accurately calculate on these wearable devices.  It would be really cool if Amiigo allowed you to sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.  Dave Scott did mention that users have the option to press CHECK NOW to view heart rate at any time, but this will not automatically happen during intense workouts.  All in all this looks fairly impressive.



Here is a section that gets into the information related to individual exercise recognition and maybe the one thing that bothers us a little about the app.   The cool thing about this section is that it gives the wearer the ability to see activity for his/her upper and lower body.  We see that Dave Scott did Jumping Jacks for 10 Seconds  wearing both Amiigo sensors.   It shows calories burned as 2, 1 set completed and gives him a form score of C.   It is very cool that Amiigo is incorporating a form score because we were not sure if they mentioned that earlier.  The thing that we did not like was that it does not show the number of REPS.  We were concerned about this and we reviewed the previous video Amiigo released and we did not catch any frames displaying REP counts.  The screen grab below shows you a chart of an elliptical machine workout with similar details described above.



This is not a complete overview of every screen we saw, but these are some of the screens that interested us the most.

Left out of the app were the oxygen readings that many of the indiegogo backers were very excited about.  We also did not see any social interaction features or any sign that you can import or export data to other fitness/health services.

The best place to get a sense of what is going on with Amiigo is by visiting their Facebook page for GoAmiigo.  The community asks questions and Dave Scott stops by at least a few times a week to answer some of the questions.

Amiigo promised an open API and early beta access to the apps at or before launch, so we should expect this to be released in the next 30-40 days.

UPDATE – 02-20-14 – it looks like we were wrong again. The Amiigo will count reps, sets, consistency , form, speed and calories for each activity. Check out a small portion of their latest update below:

Activity recognition lets you track the details of your workouts. This feature gives you feedback for reps, sets, consistency, form, speed and calories for each activity. In the video you can see how easy it is to set up. After you upload an activity (or 10!) and you are ready to workout, simply press BEGIN WORKOUT and you’re off to the races. Once an activity is successfully uploaded, it is stored in your profile and you’ll never need upload it again. And if you need to leave your phone behind, no worries, Amiigo devices will store the data locally until you regain connectivity with your iOS or Android device. However, when possible, keep your phone within range to avoid longer-than-normal sync times.

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  2. There is now an Amiigo User Group page on Facebook. The community is growing and everyone is excited! People are expecting to receive their bands any day now and we should see lots of photos, videos, and user experiences very soon!

    May 8, 2014 at 9:24 am
  3. scott winters

    They hardly ever leave a reply, provide updates about final product or when app will be available. They supposedly quit responding to Indiegogo page – guess it is too much work for them – and only respond once and a great while on their own Facebook page.

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