If you think that hologram technology is still a mere fantasy, then think again. Today, we are treated with eye-catching smartphone accessories with holographic features – Introducing the Celluon Epic Cube Laser. For $149, this tiny piece of accessory projects a holographic laser keyboard that lets you type in any flat surface available. If you’re ready to jump into the future of digital tech, read the Digital Style Digest’s take on this ultimate scene-stealing gadget below.

What is it and how does it work?

Given its design, you’ll probably be mistaken it to a portable hard drive or a mobile speaker. But, the tiny box is actually a projection keyboard with a multi-touch mouse. It connects to your mobile device and PC using Bluetooth or USB 2.0 cable. Once activated, the tiny box will emit a bright paper-sized red laser keyboard on your desk. It is equipped with an infrared technology that works hand-in-hand with an optical sensor to recognize your inputs and a perception chipset to avoid accidental presses for maximum precision.

What devices are compatible with it?

The Celluon Epic Cube is compatible with multiple devices and computing machines. If you own older iPhone and iPad models, it’ll only work so long as you’re running iOS 4 or later versions. No need to worry about any Bluetooth compatibility issues. The comparison section of the iPhone 5S on O2 page wrote that Apple employs the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology since the iPhone 4S. The accessory is also designed to work with Android 4.0 mobile devices, BlackBerry 10 handsets, and even Windows PCs.

What’s good about this accessory?

This futuristic item has various features to celebrate about:

– Comes in seven different colors: gray, black, red, purple, blue, lime, and yellow.

– Provides comfortable spacious QWERTY characters.

– Supports other languages such as German and French.

– Comes with a built-in trackpad to help you control and navigate your device with ease.

What are the downsides?

No matter how bright the laser is, it’s still incredibly dim especially when used in a well-lit environment like your office. Although it works best in dark places, how many will actually consider working in a dungeon? Plus, it will only work mostly on opaque and flat surfaces. So, if your table is made of a transparent glass, you may not be able to use it.

As far as the typing speed is concerned, a 40-character per minute input is quite frustrating. You would rather consider using a full-fledge wireless physical keyboard. Its battery is also designed to last for about two hours only.

These are some of the features you could get from the Celluon Epic Cube. Do you think it is practical to use the accessory for your typing needs or would you prefer using a physical keyboard? Share your insights below this post.

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