File Transporter Android App Released



The Transporter Personal Cloud Storage/Sharing device  Update

We’ve written a few posts about Connected Data’s Cloud sharing/storing device in recent months. They’ve had an iOS app available since release date, but the android app was not to be found. It appears that the Transporter android app has been in beta testing mode for at least a few months, but it was FINALLY released to the public on 10/17/13 without a mention by the Drobo/Connected Data team.

I suspect that an official announcement may be coming tomorrow, but here is a link to the app if you can’t wait until then.

Connected Data Android App on the Play store

The Connected Data/Drobo Transporter seems to be getting to a better place.  The desktop software version 2.0 is darn close to being a Dropbox clone. I have not tested the android app because i recently switched over to a WD MyCloud until the Transporter feels less beta-like.  Customer support was poor in my experiences and follow-up and emails were never responded to.


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  1. Tony

    The Iphone app works ok but the android app almost never connects to any of the File Transporters that I have. If I keep banging on it for about 20 minutes it might connect, but by then I am so pissed off that I really do not care. Once it connects it works ok. While you can actually open a doc within the iphone app, in android all you get is a very basic file manager. And there is no method for which to store locally cached copies. Piss poor implementation of what should have been an awesome product!

    December 21, 2013 at 6:22 pm

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