Cloud Alternatives #2: The Transporter


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We had an article about the PogoPlug media sharing device a few months back and received some positive response.  The Pogo Plug is a good deal that can be be found online for as low as $15-$30.   We did note some of the limitations of the Pogo Plug and wanted to offer a newer alternative for people wanting more features.

The first device that caught our attention was the Transporter by Connected Data.   The founders of Connected Data are the same people behind the popular Drobo.   This team has a proven track record and the Transporter was a homerun when it made its crowdsourcing debut on Kickstarter.  It quickly met its goal within days of the campaign being launched.  The Transporter is one of few devices currently available that comes very close feature to feature with Dropbox.  If you or your company are paranoid about storing information on the cloud in servers around the globe, this device could offer a fun alternative.

What Can a Transporter Do?

We found this information on the products website:

Transporter is a private cloud storage device for syncing, sharing, accessing, and protecting your digital life. No cloud, no fees, no privacy concerns. Your files are only stored on your Transporters and computers and mobile devices that you authorize.

Access your digital life from any computer or mobile device, back it up, collaborate with colleagues, share with family and friends and sync across multiple devices. Transporter let’s you do all of that with no monthly fees and it’s completely private

Sync Files Between All Your Digital Devices

The average home today has multiple computers and mobile devices. Syncing content across all these devices is a huge hassle. The “all or nothing” cloud sync services don’t work well with limited capacity laptops and mobile devices, not to mention the monthly fees you have to pay to store more than a few photos or documents.

With Transporter, you can have all your files in one place and easily sync the ones you want on each device. No more running out of space on your phone. No need to constantly shuffle files around to avoid paying additional fees. Transporter makes these issues a thing of the past.

Share Photos and Home Movies with Family and Friends

The cloud is great for sharing a few photos, but what do you do when you want to share your entire photo or home movie collection? Many of us don’t trust the cloud for something so valuable and even if we did, it would be really expensive.
Enter Transporter. Starting at just $199 with no monthly fees, Transporter is the easiest, most cost-effective, and completely private way to share your media collection with family and friends. You can share up to 2TB per Transporter, which is enough space for 2,000 HD movies, 400,000 songs, or 1,000,000 photos. Need more space? No problem. Just add more Transporters. Our clever software makes sure you only see a single folder regardless of whether you have one or more Transporter devices.

Privately Collaborate with Co-workers and Colleagues

Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, dentist, financial planner, or mortgage broker, the need to share, collaborate, access, and protect confidential files has never been greater. Sure, the cloud offers convenience, but it also introduces a lot of risk. Who has access to your files and how many copies are there? What happens if your cloud provider has a security breach or failure that affects your data?

Starting at less than $200, Transporter gives you all the convenience of the cloud with none of the risk. Whether you need to collaborate with colleagues in another office or just need secure mobile access, Transporter is the answer. You are in full control of the location and redundancy of your data

Automatically Protect Valuable Files Offsite

Backing up files offsite should be easy. The cloud seems like a logical choice – until you actually try. If it takes months to get your files onto the cloud, how long is it going to take to get them back when you need them? And who wants to deal with carrying around external drives?

Transporter offers the easiest way to protect your files offsite. Transporter automatically syncs files in “real-time”, so you’ll never forget to backup again and you’ll always have the most recent copy of your files no matter where you are.

You can perform an initial sync between two Transporters on a fast, local network and then easily relocate one to a secure offsite location. Should something happen to your local network, you’ll never miss a beat. Our software will automatically continue to access files from any shared Transporter until your local network is restored.

Access All Your Files from Anywhere in the World

We’ve all been in situations where we needed to access a file remotely. Whether you’re a road warrior who needs access to the latest spreadsheets or simply want to download a movie while on vacation, Transporter can help. Using the free Windows, Mac, Android or iOS software, you can access any file stored on your Transporter using any supported device from anywhere in the world.

  • Lawyers can securely access confidential case files directly from court
  • Doctors can privately access patient files when away from the office
  • Teachers can now provide students private access to project files
  • Construction crews will never be without the latest plans while on location
  • Sales executives will always have access to the latest marketing materials


Add Terabytes of Storage to your iPad and iPhone

Tired of constantly shuffling movies around and deleting photos to keep from running out of space on your mobile devices? Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy an iPad or iPhone with terabytes of storage so you could store all of your movies, music, and photos right on the device?

The good news is you don’t have to. Your mobile device doesn’t have terabytes of storage on it, but your Transporter does. Use our free app to download a movie for the flight or show friends pictures of your kids. Make a quick edit to your presentation. Whatever it is, Transporter’s mobile app can help. Welcome to storage for the post-PC world.


Our Quick Review

We got our hands on a unit to test and instantly fell in love with it.  It is a little difficult to test just one unit, but we were assured that the syncing features are seamless when two units are communicating.   We were able to create two accounts and share files between them. The desktop applications for both OSX and Windows worked like a charm without even a slight glitch.  I ran some tests to compare the functionality with Dropbox and it was very similar.  Dropbox still has the edge when it comes to UI and integration with hundreds of web services.  I would say that the Transporter has 85% of the functionality of Dropbox at this stage of the game.   The new software update in late June will add drag and drop features and several other useful features that will make this a serious contender with offsite hosted cloud solutions.


You can buy the Transporter at their website or on
Connected Data 2TB Transporter Social Storage Drive (CTR1D14US1R)