Fitbit One Review and First Impressions


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Fitbiit One

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One retails for $99 at most retail locations.


The FitBit One won’t make you faster or stronger, but it could provide the little extra motivation to be more active and healthy.

This devices monitors your activity and syncs it to your computer via a wireless dongle,an android device via an app or an iOS device via an app.  The sync only takes a few seconds and gives you a quick glimpse of how active your are.

The One™ automatically syncs your data to PCs, Macs, the iPhone 4S, 5, the 3rd generation iPad, iPod touch,
and – coming soon – select Android phones. All you need to do is sign up for your free account on and
registeryour device (which you can also do via select smartphones). After that, voilà. Your stats will sync
on their own,giving you real-time access to all that outstanding data on your Fitbit dashboard.

FitBit describes the product like this:

Monitor your day with the One™ – this tracker’s aim is to empower and encourage you by delivering real-time feedback that helps you be more active. Why not take the stairs instead of the elevator? Or go for a quick walk after lunch? Those steps will add up fast.

Powered by Fitbit’s leading-edge accelerometer and altimeter, the One™ accurately captures all-day activity that old-school pedometers can’t handle. It bases calculations like calories burned on your personal
profile – reflecting your stats, not any average Joe’s.

Here is a promotional video created by FitBit:

This device is small and comes with a clip on case and armstrap that you can use at night.  It is much smaller than I thought it would be.  The Fitbit One can fit in your change pocket.  It is easy to clip on to your waistband or basically any piece of clothing you have.   If is very user friendly and not difficult to incorporate into your daily run or workout routine.

I think that this device is geared mostly towards women, but I think that men could benefit from using it too.

I personally was interested in the sleep monitoring feature, but i don’t really know if I can say that I think it works. I don’t know how the device can claim to know when I wake up at night.  I think that it just monitors severe movement and possibly counts me turning in my sleep as having my sleep interrupted.  I wasn’t very impressed with the sleep data that it provided. Maybe I was hoping for too much, but I wanted some advanced data and stats.

The One™ doesn’t nap, even when you do. Slip it into your wrist band at night, and it’ll measure your sleep cycle. Once the data syncs, graphs on your dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up, giving you a sleep quality score. Over time, you can apply what you learn to help you sleep more soundly. The One™ also has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at your desired time, without disturbing your partner.

The step and stair tracker were much more accurate that I had expected.  I even tried to trick the device and mess it up by skipping and jumping, but it was great when it came to counting steps and stairs.  The calories burned seemed fairly accurate, but I think that it mainly works on algorithm based on height and weight because it logged calories even when i forgot to put on the device.   I started the morning off with 1200-1400 calories burned in the morning.  I am not saying that this is a bad thing because many of the devices don’t account for calories used by the body when not moving.

The device is comfortable to wear and maybe even too small for its own good.  I could see myself accidentally tossing it in washer by mistake.

The GadgetWhore editorial staff gave the fitBit One a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and retails for $99.  You can buy it here.  Please note that this is an affiliate link and we may get paid if you purchase via this link.  Please research product before buying.

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FitBit One

The FitBit One – People are excited about starting the year with this device.

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