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If you love fitness wearables, you will want to click the link below to learn about Valencell’s Perform Tek advanced sensor.


Amiigo Teaser Video – This is for the released version. The video above was for the Indiegogo Campaign.



September 26, 2014 – We finally received our Amiigo. We will be reviewing it and testing it soon. We are impressed with what we see so far.

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What is good?
The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet was one of the first wearable devices that promised automated exercise recognition and real-time heart rate monitoring. Other features that were initially promised were blood oxygen level monitoring and form scores. The indiegogo video was slick and well produced, but it looked almost too good to be true. Social networking features were also promised and this device looked to be one of the most exciting fitness wearables of 2013.

What could be better?
On the flipside of things, this device never saw the light of day in the Summer of 2013 as promised. GadgetWhore jumped at the chance to purchase the device during the first week of the indiegogo campaign. We chose the charcoal/black in size medium by the way. The device was continually teased as being available next month or in a few months. Right before the devices were to ship, the Amiigo team came up with another reason why the devices would be delayed.

Yes, this is an indiegogo funded project and certain delays can be expected, but the device was expect to be shipped three months after the conclusion of the campaign. When the delay are over four times the expected delivery time, we no longer call that an expected delay.

The app is available on the iOS and Play store and the device has been shipped to possibly a few hundred buyers(July 2014) and the reviews are mixed. The app functionality was bare bones at release and many users complained about the lack of instructions and the fact that devices are being shipped without any packaging,

We still have not received our Amiigo, so we will give it a proper review when it arrives.
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The Amiigo fitness bracelet is clearly the most exciting personal fitness tracking device to hit the market in years.  The Amiigo includes the features that the Nike Fuelband and Jawbone Up simply left out.  I mean, do fitness enthusiasts really care about tracking sleep?


I don’t want to earn Nike Fuel points that are meaningless to my workout.  I want to track the exercises that I perform and see if I am improving. The Amiigo team knows that fitness isn’t easy and they are out to make it more fun, simple and social.  It isn’t enough to know how active you are if you can’t keep track of the data is a useful manner.  This device will sync up to your iOS or Android device via low powered Bluetooth 4.0 to track your workouts and activity in way that does more than just motivate you keep active.  It logs your data and allows you to run social competitions with your friends.  You can even wager points that can be used to get discounts on fitness gear and sports products.

The amiigo fitness bracelet

The amiigo fitness bracelet

A simple wristband alone can’t give you enough data to really evaluate exercises properly.  Amiigo gets it right by adding a shoe clip that evaluates foot and leg data like no other device on the market.

amiigo it takes two

Their team developed  a series of algorithms capable of converting acceleration data into descriptions of activities being performed.   It automatically recognizes the activities you perform and keeps tracks of reps, sets, speed and intensity of each exercise.  I can’t think of any consumer electronic device that offers this type of information at such a low price point. Once the API is opened up for developers we can expect to see the Amiigo working with our favorite fitness apps.

amiigo crunches

I’ve used my Nike Fuelband on my treadmill and when doing other activities and it doesn’t seem to gauge the intensity of my movements.  It is basically just a fancy pedometer with a nice display.  The Amiigo will be able to tell if I’m jogging on my treadmill or elliptical machine.  It can tell what type of weight training i’m am doing for that day.  This will pretty much eliminate the need for a log book.  This device is all about the details of the activities being performed.  This is possibly the first device that offers a fitness experience that will do more that just motivate me to work out.  This device will provide me enough information to allow me to have a more effective workout.

amiigo features 2

They haven’t released any details as to how the device will charge, but I expect it to be charged via mini USB.  I also wonder if they will offer the app and web experience as a free option or if we will have to go PRO with a premium subscription to “unlock” features.  I think it will be very exciting if the experience is free once you buy the band. Visit the Indiegogo site to find out more information or to buy one for $99-$129.


07/06/13 –  Updates on the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet Tracker

  • The device will wirelessly charge.  As of now the device will take up to 9 hour to fully charge.
  • Sleep tracking will be included at launch
  • Launch of device has been delayed from June 2013 to sometime before the end of Summer.
  • The device will be 30% smaller than the initial render and alpha designs.
  • The battery will last considerably longer than expected.  This should help with the battery life when used as a sleep tracker.
  • Will use Bluetooth 4.0  and will not work with Android phones that do not support Bluetooth 4.0
  • Three sizes with micro adjusting will be offered at launch.
  • The device is waterproof and can be used for tracking swimming.
  • The app can learn new exercises.

Amiigo App Progress


Amiigo Android App Preview 

Update 07/17/13 – New pictures of the slimmer amiigo bracelets        

Amiigo719cAmiigo719b Updated V3 amiigo



Update: 09/01/13 – The newer information is at the top.   After many delays in production, it seems like they may actually be coming up with a delivery timeline.   Their last update showed a very rough on the edges design that made us fear that this device was heading in the wrong direction.  This device is already delayed several months and each day it is announced that another new wearable device is being released that has similar features that were once cutting edge when Amiigo first announced them. Close to the expected delivery date, the Amiigo team parted ways with their production team and decided to use it as a chance to improve and add features that backers and other supporters were asking for. These changes in design and function and the move to a new production facility in Arizona have made it look like we are still several months away from the delivery of this product.

flextronicsAThe Amiigo is now being manufactured by Flextronics.  According to Amiigo, they are the 2nd largest EMS company in the world.  They are going to be onsite for the production of the devices.flextronicsBI thought that the previous design of the fitness bracelets were cool looking, but they looked very rough.  The new design that IDEO appears to be even smaller, but the design looks a little more  tailored to women.  That is just my opinion and maybe the other colors will look more masculine.newDesign2newDesign1  They hope to ship the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet by mid-October.


Update: 10/05/13 – Not Good News Okay, so maybe it isn’t the most terrible news that fans of the Amiigo Fitness/Sleep Tracker bracelet could have received this week. The latest update on a shipping date has been pushed back by at least a few months. On the current timetable we can expect them mid-december if no further delays in production occur. The devices should be completed and tested by early December, but I would assume it takes a few weeks to package them up and ship. The more positive note is that the team claims that the design is solid and  most of the work being completed is software based. If you are craving more Amiigo updates, I found an interview that CEO David Scott gave to ShopLocket that seems like something the Amiigo Team should have posted to their blog.  You can find the ShopLocket Interview here.  I really wish the team would post more updates and more videos of the current version Amiigo units being tested in the real world.  If you have a question for the amiigo team, leave it in the comments and I will reach out to them.

Update: 10/28/13 – Shipping Soon Amiigo finally announced that they HOPE to ship before Thanksgiving.   Their site was updated to confirm color, size and shipping address.  They say that they are in the final stages of the process.  They only confirmed  a delay for the Indiegogo backers that chose a premium/custom/limited edition color choice.  Those backers may have to wait an additional month. The android and iOS apps should be completed within the month and the Amiigo team hopes to have a full demo and app video up soon. If you are a backer and did not receive and email to confirm your order details, you can click here to be directed to Amiigo’s site and their View Order page. Amiigo confirmed that a very limited supply of bracelets will be made available for people who missed the Indiegogo campaign.  Those users will need to sign-up at the Amiigo website and submit their email. It looks like I was incorrect with my earlier prediction that the items would not ship until mid-December.

Update: 12/22/13 – Shipping Soon????? The amiigo team is at it again with another update last month that hinted at another possible delay to the shipping of most of the amiigo bracelets. Delays are understandable, but we would not be shocked if they pushed the release date back to the end of March at this point. We’ve been following amiigo since January of this year and they have not met any milestone deadlines yet. Last update promised a video in a few weeks and it has been nearly a month with no video/product demo. Dave from the amiigo team finally hit the Go Amiigo Facebook profile had this to say a few weeks ago: “Hey Guys, Dave here, thanks for the support and comments. I’ll be sure to pop in on a weekly basis now that we’re coming down to the wire(sorry we’ve been so heads down- we’ll be sure to be more responsive). Over the next couple of weeks we will assemble the electronics and ship them overseas for final assembly(mechanicals). The parts we have waited on have been located and are en-route. We will be headed overseas through the new year to ensure the hardware makes it past the last leg of testing as efficiently as possible. The total redesign of the device and new manufacturing partner took a serious toll on the timeline. We’re sorry that it took so long. Thanks for the patience and support along the way. As soon as we arrive in Asia and are on the ground floor, we will have a specific date that the first batch will begin shipping. Nothing about the timeline from the last update has changed. For any specific questions, feel free to reach out directly at I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks again.” The amiigo product looks like it is going to be awesome when it is finally released, but the technology behind this product seemed amazing a year ago when the Amiigo teaser video was released and now it just seems like every product will have these features shortly. Even if the product is great, the additional 6 month wait is just unacceptable.

Update: 12/29/13 – Amiigo, are you there? It has still been over a month without an official update from the Amiigo team. Dave Scott seems to be the most active team member to be getting out there and answering questions on the Amiigo facebook page. The devices were going to be shipped as late as this upcoming week and into the following week, but it doesn’t seem like they will make that timetable. It has been almost a year since the indiegogo campaign launched and besides the promo video, we have not seen the device or the apps in action in the real world. They promised that a video demo of the device and apps would be released. *UPDATE: Dave Scott commented on Facebook and now it seems like the first batch of amiigos is going to be worked on for the next few weeks. That would appear to push back the shipping date to at least the beginning of February. Here are some screenshots from the Amiigo facebook page that answer some questions that you may have: Software development question.

amiigo4What happened to the demo videos?amiigoinjanuarysgLack of Communication Rantamiigo2Customers losing faithamiigo3

Update: 01/19/14 – Amiigo, you are just a little late.Update: 01/19/14 – Amiigo, you are just a little late.Update: 01/19/14 –

Amiigo, you are just a little late. If you are reading this post we are guessing that you typed in AMIIGO FITNESS BRACELET REVIEW or WHEN WILL AMIIGO BE RELEASED into your search box.  There has to be a problem when people are needing to search external sites instead of amiigo’s official site for updates. The Last time we had an update from team amiigo it appeared that the product was going to be released and shipped for most indiegogo backers during the first two weeks of January. They recently released an update stating that they ran into further problems and found more issues with the binding only after testing the production units. We can’t tell for sure, but this would appear to push back the release date to at least mid-march. Today celebrates the one year anniversary of this post appearing on the GadgetWhore website and we can’t honestly tell you that we thought it would take this long to receive the product. The wearables space has become so much more advanced since last year and several direct competitors have entered the stage. The most promising competitor is the team at Atlas Wearables.  The Atlas wearables team consists of members who have already worked in the industry and created products that are out in the market.  Atlas is also working with T-3 to market their device to a wider audience. They have already worked out deals with Fitocracy and MapMyFitness to extended the value of the hardware. When amiigo was asked about the product working with other popular apps they just said that they were working on it. The really frightening thing is that the amiigo team appears to be only David Scott now. He appears to be the only one answering questions of the community and trying to get this device out to the customers. We respect all of his hard work, but how can this product survive with what appears to be a one man operation. We could be wrong and maybe he is the one man in charge of the social media part of the marketing. As a backer of this product, we understand that we did not buy the product when we signed up to the indiegogo campaign. We were buying the hope that this product would be an amazing device that would help us and encourage us with our fitness goals. Team amiigo has promised to be more active with the updates and they seem to be living up to that promise. We would just feel so much better if we knew the device and app were working and ready to ship.


Update: 01/29/14 – Amiigo coming clean with reasons for the most recent delays We’ve be giving Amiigo a very hard time because they were not very clear on when the device was being shipped.   The Indiegogo backer community felt that the Amiigo team was not giving enough updates and explaining the cause of the delays.  Amiigo finally came clean and explained exactly what is going on with the manufacturing of the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet.   Below is the explanation from David Scott:amiigoJan14Update


Update: 03/09/14 – A Week Away From Shipping?February Amiigo Picture Update

See Amiigo Update on Facebook

Amiigo February 2014 Update

Our research and a posting from show that iOS app store approval takes on average about 7 days.  This was data pulled from 346 reviews posted to the site in the last 14 days. Our research shows that an app takes between several hours to a few days for approval on the Google Play store.

iOS App Review Time


UpdateRant: 03/29/14 – It has been over a month since Amiigo claimed that the iOS app was ten days away.  The iOS and the android apps are nowhere to be found.  Team amiigo sent emails and a few test units out to ‘early bird’ backers and gave them links to download the apps.  A few screenshots have shown up online, but not many additional details have been released.  The latest update that we did not even bother writing about here says that the Amiigo is now ready for mass production.

No Amiigo On Google Play Store  According to everything that we had read, the Amiigo app was never supposed to be delayed.  In fact, the Amiigo app was well on track to meet the production release in June 2013, but the hardware issues slowed everything down.   It is only now that we learn that everything was delayed.

iOS Amiigo App

What do you guys think will be the next delay?????  I can only image that the next delay will be some shipping related problem.   The next update will consist of Amiigo stating that some early bird devices were shipped, but somehow every other Amiigo got lost on a freight ship from China in choppy waters. I believe that we will receive this device one day, but how can I trust that this company will survive.  This device is a paperweight without Amiigo servers running. As fans of wearable devices, we are truly disappointed by the way Amiigo has strung us all along. If you are going to complain about this post after reading it, just STOP and don’t waste your time.   We don’t need any fanboys telling us how we didn’t buy a device, we backed a campaign. We know that and we would not be half as upset if Amiigo was open about these issues along the entire process.  How can you promise that a device will be ready in three months and have it take nearly one full year?  Amiigo was cutting edge technology a year ago, but the AAA’s (Android, Apple and Atlas Wearables) are poised to drink Amiigo’s milkshake.

Update: 03/31/14 –  A source was nice enough to send us over some screenshots of the app.  Amiigo App Screenshots here .


Update: 04/04/14 – The Amiigo App is now available on the Google Play Store for Android users. amiigo on Google Play .  We are very happy Amiigo started full scale production of their advanced wearable device.  It is our estimate that devices should be ready to be shipped in a few weeks.   We have been some of Amiigo’s biggest supporters and also their most vocal skeptics, but we have to say that the app(at least for android) looks great and functions very nicely. If you haven’t signed up already, you need to go to the Amiigo website and sign up to be notified when the next batch of devices will be ready for production.

Update: 04/19/14 – CONGRATULATIONS TEAM AMIIGO!!! DEVICES HAVE STARTED SHIPPING!!! Several ‘Early Bird’ users have reported receiving their Amiigo devices and even posted pictures online.  User Kyle Newton posted pics here and user Bao Bit posted this pic of how the device looks when unpacked.

Update: 06/13/14 –  Several early bird and prototype users have had amiigos for at least a few weeks now.  The reviews are spotty, but trending towards the more negative side.  Several users have listed their amiigo wristbands on eBay at cost.  A common complaint is that the always on heart rate sensor was not delivered as some users feel it was promised.  On a positive note, the second round of backers is expected to receive their devices in the next two weeks.   For those of you complaining that you want your wristband as soon as possible, you may just be better off when you receive the devices in August or September.  It looks like everyone who is getting them ‘early’ is basically beta testing the app and device.  We hoped that amiigo would deliver all the good we were looking for, but it looks like amiigo might be a little to late to the game.  We feel that an on screen display is really needed for a device like this and we are hoping that Atlas Wearables will deliver where amiigo could not.


Update: 06/19/14 –  Two months ago we CONGRATULATED team Amiigo for starting to deliver production devices.  We ordered our Amiigo within the first five days of the indiegogo campaign and still have not received a confirm that our Amiigo is shipping.  Team Amiigo released a post a week ago that between 250 and 1500 medium charcoal devices would soon be shipping to backers.  With no update this week on shipping, backers are in the dark.  At this point we don’t even know if we are still very excited about what the product can do or just excited that we are actually going to receive it after a year delay.  Devices like Push Strength, Atlas Wearables and Gymwatch appear to be more than just an experiment.  We are going to see Android Wear devices announced next week and a possible iWatch in the near future, so all this generation of devices may have an expiration date. We are really let down by the way Amiigo has continually let us down when all we wanted to do is support and pass the word along to others about the potential of this wearable.  I think we may just review the device and put it for sale on eBay.

Update: 09/11/14 – We ordered in the first five days of the campaign and we still do not have our amiigo.   We contacted amiigo support and they tell us that the device was shipped and they even provided a  FedEx tracking number that lists the device with an anticipated ship date of 08/12/14.  We hid the tracking number in the screenshot below, but you can see that the device never left UTAH.  Thanks Amiigo!!!!

We initially received a response from the amiigo team last week that they would look into it right away and that if needed they would ship a new device that should have arrived by yesterday or today at the latest.  We tried to contact them again several times and they never responded.   We are seriously losing any faith we had in this device.  Our device should have arrived weeks ago.

Still No Amiigo

Still No Amiigo


September 23, 2014 –   I received the official word from Amiigo CEO David Scott that he was personally taking my Amiigo and dropping it off at FedEx.   Amiigo announced that all medium charcoal devices have been delivered, except for a small amount that are on the way.  I can confirm that GadgetWhore’s Amiigo was one of the  few that wasn’t delivered.  The large and small Amiigos are on their way from China as a write this and should be shipping  in early October.  The color Amiigos look very nice and those will be delivered most likely in mid to late October.

We don’t know if our criticism of Amiigo had anything to do with our delayed shipping, but  we hope that it didn’t. is only a small blog and does not yield enough power to change products or influence buying choices. Our criticism of Amiigo was never of the product and it was mostly of the communication or lack of communication.  The site will do a proper review of the device once we receive it and play with it for a few weeks.   If warranted we will change our rating and our future outlook.   Amiigo related content is the most popular content on our site with close to 50,000 views, so it is clear that people are interested in this new technology.   The team appears to be ramping up on fine tuning algorithms and app content and recent reports are that the device has come a long way since it was first released to the public four months ago.   We are very excited to finally receive the device we first mention in January in 2013.



September 26, 2013 –  We are pleased to announce that our Amiigo device has FINALLY arrived.   We still have to charge and train both devices.   You can expect our updated review in the next few weeks.


– This was pretty much written after our 18 month experience supporting amiigo.


  1. JJH

    Still waiting for my amiigo. All I’ve heard since August is that it will be on my doorstep any day. It’s November 2nd and I’m still waiting.

    November 2, 2014 at 9:01 am
  2. I don’t believe Amiigo will ever ship a product. Their updates on Facebook are a joke. They refuse to offer any specifics whatsoever. It seems their app looks nothing like the earlier so-called screen shots they provided, which I now suspect were nothing but graphic art and were not part of any functional application. They will not answer specific questions regarding the exact nature of their setbacks and will not provide any information on anticipated / target ship dates. I believe this one elaborate ruse.

    March 10, 2014 at 6:29 am
  3. Desmond

    & the thing is I do want a product like this because fitness is an essential part of my life. I wouldn’t even mind if they were honest & told us about the glitches ,if any, with video documenting then fixing it. As of now it seems die hard supporters are just assuming it’ll work

    January 25, 2014 at 4:14 pm
  4. Desmond

    Oh Amiigo. I recall hundreds of messages on the amiigo Facebook page of those who are ok with the delays, claiming that there is nothing else like it on the market. C’mon, how they can say that without any proof that it does all that it claims to do baffles me. All we keep getting is manufacturing delays & not the real important stuff: does it even work? When is the public going to get an update with a video of amiigo in action with someone on their team demoing it for all of us doing everything they claim it can do? Maybe it doesn’t work & it’s full of what does this mean for all the bands they’ve produced thus far if that’s the case. I wonder if the Angel fitness tracker & alongside other bands that do similar things will be released first.

    January 25, 2014 at 4:06 pm
  5. Desmond

    I was close to backing the project but missed it by a couple hours, so since then I have been following the updates & it is disappointing that the amiigo team still has yet to release it. To answer the question, I’m excited if it actually does everything it says it does. But if it doesn’t, & the product is filling with glitches & inaccurate reading then I’d just go with a different fitness tracker all together: one with a team with better communication so problems can be dealt with promptly. Mid March ? I’d rather they just say summer 14′ instead of releasing another update with a further delay.

    January 22, 2014 at 1:20 pm

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