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Cloud storage can get expensive once you fill up the 5 GB free storage that services like Dropbox, Box and iCloud offer.  You can expect to pay at least $5 a month and those service charges can quickly rise up to $20 a month for personal solutions.  Costs can rise even more if you want a business plan that offers team collaboration and unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Pogoplug Series 4 is a cloud storage and personal cloud storage device.  What is the difference between the two?  When you have a personal cloud storage solution, the Pogoplug Series 4 is connected directly to your router and you host your data on a hard drive, USB media storage device or SD Card. The Pogoplug servers are not hosting your files, but they do provide a cloaked link to your file and access to settings and file sharing options.  You can’t 100% bypass logging into Pogoplug’s servers when using this device.

The cloud storage solution that Pogoplug offers for a free is a premium service like Dropbox and Box where your files are hosted by the service.  You can also choose to use Pogoplug’s service as an offsite backup solution.

In short, if you set it up correctly you can buy a Pogoplug hardware device, supply your own hard drive and never have to pay additional fees to host your files. Pogoplug is now offering you a free 5GB of cloud storage when you sign up for an account.  You can use the free cloud storage and your own hosted cloud storage together using the web interface.

Why would a Pogoplug Series 4 be a useful tool for you?  If you have a mobile Android or iOS device, you can download the Pogoplug app and save files(Pictures/Videos) from your device to your hard drive connected to your Pogoplug.   You can do this from home using wi-fi or on the road using 3G or 4G.  The wi-fi solution works best, but the 3G and 4G solutions work too.  You can clear space from your iphone or ipad by backing up your pictures and videos to an external drive connected to these devices.  You can also stream home videos to your iPad, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3(this works best when you are connected via your home network and you may have spotty results if you are using 3G connections).  If you have tons of pictures on your computer, you can easily save a copy to your Pogoplug’s connected storage.  This device is painfully slow on my network when transferring HD videos taken with my phone’s video camera.

I’ve read several reviews of the Pogoplug Media device and the reviews have been mixed at best.  The main problem that people seem to discuss is the multiple software applications involved in running the service.  Users also complained about the company’s push to have users upgrade to Pogoplug’s premium cloud storage solution.  Users complained that they felt like they are using a trial version of the program until they upgrade.    I tested the Pogoplug Series 4 using  OSX Mountain Lion, the mobile Android and Ipad Apps and have only had slight issues.  The only annoying thing that happened was when I removed the hard drive without properly ejecting it first using the Web Access.  The Pogoplug Series 4 locked up and I had to unplug it from the router and pull the power cable from the device and re-insert it before it worked again.

I like to use it as a network connected drive rather than a way to backup my computer. Here is how I use it:

I named the hard drive connected to my Pogoplug as “enabled device”









When you start the Pogoplug Companion Software(on a mac computer), the Pogoplug drives will show up on your desktop.  To use it as a Dropbox alternative, just double click on it you can browse the files and add files without using the web access interface.  You will have to login with  your Pogoplug web credentials the first time to login. Note that even your Pogoplug Cloud Storage shows up as a hard drive and you can also upload files to their Cloud Storage Solution from your desktop. We are going to browse our ENABLED DEVICE that is part of our personal cloud storage solution.










Once you double click on the drive you will be able to browse the files from the hard drive connected to your Pogoplug Series 4. You can drag and drop files here to add them to your personal cloud server, but you must use the web access to the Pogoplug website to manage your device settings and sharing options.











From within the Pogoplug companion software(at least in the OSX version) you can click the Web Access button on the top left corner to automatically be

logged on to your account, device and sharing settings.







You will be logged into the web service and you will see both your Pogoplug Cloud

and your PogoplugMobile(this is similar to the Pogoplug Series 4).  Click on your

“enabled device” to browse your files.  We are going to select a file to share with a family member or friend.








Select the file you want to share.











Click on get click to share.









Here are the link details for the sharing options.  You can tweet out a link, Google + a link, Send a link to Facebook or

email the link.   The assign password feature is only available with an upgraded account.











Unchecking the ALLOW DOWNLOADS check box with block downloading.












The Pogoplug Series 4 can be a nice alternative to Dropbox, but it does have some tradeoffs because you do have to use the Pogoplug Mobile Apps, Companion Software or Web Access to use the device.

It works for what I need it for, but Dropbox may be the only solution necessary for casual users.  It is a great device to use to shares pictures and home videos with family or friends.

Here is a link to buy Pogoplug if you are interested.

Here is a video presentation about the Pogoplug:

Another interesting hardware solution on Kickstarter is the Transporter.  It basically does everything that the Pogoplug Series 4 does and more.  I am including the link here for you to check it out.  This device has a really great auto sync feature with unique sharing capabilities.

Here is a video that explains how the Transporter works:

In doing research for this post I found a free software application that can handle all of these tasks with a little time spent messing with the settings.  The program is called Crashplan and they have paid and free services.  I believe the trial part of the software is for the paid cloud backup.  I might be wrong, but i think the backup to computer, hard drive or family/friend computer is always free.  It sounds like they offer most of what the Transporter offers for backup purposes.

Video tutorial Crashplan:




  1. ishirininatano

    It’s official, pogoplug cloud is a SCAM and not unlimited, below is the proof. My upload speeds are ridiculous and now they have done the same for the download speeds, so I can’t retrieve the files from this cloud host from hell.

    Hello XXXXX,

    Thank you for your patience over this matter.

    Pogoplug storage is unlimited. That said, we do have a limited amount of bandwidth that must be shared across all users and we do give preferential

    Needless to say, should you choose to discontinue the service and apply for a refund as a result, we shall honor your request and issue such for the remaining period of your subscription.

    Best regards,

    May 11, 2014 at 11:55 am
  2. TimTheGeek

    Be very weary of pogoplug. They have changed policies many times and reduced/removed features, against the pleas of their subscribing customers. I have 2 pogoplugs (the v4 units) I used them as intended for several months to get cloud access to files at home. I have since stopped using them for that and instead purchased the unlimited pogoplug cloud service. I paid $35 for 1 year. I liked it at first, the transfer rate was not great and the web interface clunky (dont hit the back button), but I continued to use the service. Now about 2 months in, I have 9 gigs of data put onto the cloud, some music, programs i have downloaded from the internet (misc. small zipfiles) and some documents from my documents (personal letters and lengthy reports), that I wanted to be able to access anywhere. Today (09/05/13) I tried to retrieve a letter of termination I had written (8 pages), although I can see it on the cloud service I am unable to download. If I try to download a whole directory, the cloud service zips the file and my browser (cherome) downloads it, but it is a 2k .zip file that is not valid (with either windows 7 compressed folders or 7zip). I have contacted technical support and responded with the answers to their 11 or so general questions. No response, The web interface reports only 5 gig of Unlimited, not the 9+ gig that it showed 8 days ago (last time i checked). Needless to say, losing this very important file, and not having the service be reliable at the one time i specifically neede it to be, has left a horrible taste in my mouth. If tech support does not respond within 24hours I will request a refund and cancel this service.

    September 5, 2013 at 3:16 pm
  3. Pogoplug Cloud. So slow as to be effectively unusable for any meaningful amount of backup.

    And then they keep your money. Buyer beware.

    A new verb: “I have been plugged.” And I don’t feel good about it.

    July 5, 2013 at 6:42 am
  4. Eric

    I believe that the whole idea of using cloud-based platforms is to avoid using hardware for hosting services. Although, one can access files without internet, the most important advantage of using Dropbox is access anywhere, at any time. And with the integration of Dropbox with other cloud-based solutions such as GroupDocs, you can not only access files, but perform various tasks on the documents as well. And being web-based, documents can be accessed anywhere, around the globe. For details, click:


    January 2, 2013 at 2:42 am

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