Jensen SMPS-650 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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The Jensen SMPS-650 is a $48-$52 portable bluetooth speaker solution. It can be compared to the more recognized Jawbone Jambox. At 1/3 to 1/4 of the price, it is a great choice for the money. The speaker comes with a USB cable to charge the unit, a carry bag and speaker jack cable. The construction is solid and feels to be an aluminum or hard plastic case. The front grille is textured and diamond embossed like the black version of the Jawbone Jambox.

In comparison to the Jawbone Jambox, the Jensen SMPS-650 does not offer as rich of a sound quality. Many people say that it offers around 80-85% of the clarity and loudness of the Jambox. The Jambox also offers cool voice prompts and the ability to add apps. The Jensen only has beeps and flashing lights to confirm the power is on and that the device is in bluetooth pairing mode.

Both the Jensen SMPS-650 and the Jawbone Jambox offer speakphone capabilities for cell phone users. It also offers an AUX IN port to input audio from non-bluetooth enabled devices.

In our tests the Jensen offered great sound quality at low and mid range volumes. The quality was degraded slightly at the higher volume levels, but we feel that it had to do with the low quality of some of the MP3’s that were tested. The higher quality mp3’s held up much better in the higher volume level range.

The speaker is very nice looking and at first look can pass for the more expensive Jawbone Jambox. It doesn’t have many of the advanced features of the Jambox, but it performed very well in our sound tests and it looks good enough to want to show off.

On a negative note, the Jensen does NOT come with a dedicated wall charger.  The only thing that comes in the package is a USB cable that needs to be plugged into a computer.  Try AT YOUR OWN RISK, but we were also able to charge using a USB power charger for an ipad/ipod. The charging cable is not a standard mini usb cable that most devices come with.  If you lose this plug, you are going to have to pay to order a new one.  We suspect that you may be able to bypass the USB charging entirely if you purchase a standard DC 5V  1000mA plug that powers many electronic devices out there.

Another slightly negative thing is the amount of time it takes to fully charge the unit. It takes over 4 hours to fully charge the device.

We still think this is one of the best deals of the holiday season for the price.