2012 Holiday Gift Guide – Gadgets and Stuff


Disclosure: Please note that this article may include an affiliate link/links. Please do your own research before purchasing any product we review.

We decided to release our Holiday Gift Guide early this year because we plan on adding to it as the holiday season progresses.

Jawbone UP fitness lifestyle wristband – $129

The Jawbone Up - Lifestyle Wristband

The new improved Jawbone up retails for $129

Track your movements and sleep with this clever wristband with some serious CPU under the hood.

It connects to an iOs app and soon an Android app to display data and lets you add meals and your moods.

The sleep mode tracks small movements while you sleep and provides valuable data on how many hours you slept, time it took you to fall asleep and your light vs. deep sleep.  It also had an alarm feature that will vibrate to wake you up in the morning.

It is a cool gadget to give you info on your lifestyle that is packed in an awesome and simple design that just looks cool.

Great for that guy or gal who is interested in fitness and lifestyle gadgets.



Jawbone – Big Jambox – Bluetooth speaker and speaker phone –  From $285 to $300

Jawbone Big Jambox

Jawbone Big Jambox $285-$300

Gone are the days of cranking up your Hi-Fi Stereo system to play music. Today, we have our music with us on our phones and mp3 players all the time.  The simple way to connect is via bluetooth and the BIG Jambox may be the easiest way to do that.  Fill the room with music for a party or just to play some of your favorite music and relax.

This is the big brother to the original Jawbone Jambox that was released several years ago.  This model offers a much louder sound that may even be more crisp than the original.   The voice-prompts and rechargeable battery offer high end features that most products don’t.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet will love this device.



Roky XD – HD Streaming Media Player – $58 to $79
This isn’t the best streaming device available, but it is one of the best for the price.  It offers streaming from Amazon Prime video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu and HBO Go.

My main problem is with the simple interface because it is not as slick as you will find on the Xbox 360, Sony Playstation, Google Tv or the original Boxee Box.  It offers a no bells and whistles UI(User Interface), but some people may find that more appealing than a super slick interface.  I guess it is a personal preference.

We tested this device and it streams flawlessly and with great clarity.  It was a simple connection once you get your wi-fi security code entered.