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Dear GadgetWhore…

I recently had a Sonos Multi-Room Music System installed in my house, and I must say, I am very impressed. I must admit that I was pretty leery of Sonos when a consultant from the Geek Squad first proposed it to me. I had never heard of the system, and besides, I had my mind set on a Pioneer Elite 7-channel receiver for my home audio needs. But after doing some additional research, I was impressed with the systems functionality. Moreover, installation of Sonos was going to be less complicated versus the receiver route. I have a two-story house and installing the Pioneer receiver was going to require numerous holes in my ceiling and walls to wire ceiling speakers throughout the house. Speakers from each room would have to be hard-wired back to my family room where the receiver would be located. Conversely, with Sonos the speaker only had to be wired to the Sonos box located in each room. Each Sonos box is then wirelessly networked together for a multi-room system. Pretty snazzy, if you ask me.

To control the system I purchased an Apple iPad for $500 and downloaded the Sonos application for free. I could have purchased a Sonos remote for $370, but the iPad application was just as useful. Plus, I have the iPad to use for other purposes, such as games and e-books.

So the real selling point of the Sonos system for me is the versatility. I have two daughters that love to listen to music, and a wife that likes to sing karaoke. I, on the other hand, like to watch college football games. With Sonos, each of my daughters can select music from among 100,000 radio stations around the world that broadcast online, tap into our library of downloaded music on our hard drive, or from Sirius Satellite Radio. With a line-in function, they can even play YouTube videos on the computer and have the sound played over the speakers attached to Sonos. I have the ability to turn on a college football game in my den, and have the sound played over the speakers while I am doing the after dinner dishes. Pretty cool.

Each Sonos box cost about $500. You can purchase a wireless speaker called the S5 for also around $500, but the reviews that I read about wireless speakers was not too favorable. That is why I elected to have 6″ SpeakerCraft ceiling speakers hardwired in my house. They sound great. Sonos also sells small, bookshelf speakers as well.

If you looking to install an audio system throughout your house, Sonos is definitely worth looking into. Thus far, I am very impressed.


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  1. casey

    First, customers purchase wireless ZonePlayers for the rooms of their choice, starting at $349. Then, using either their computer, the Sonos Controller or an iPhone with the free Sonos App installed, customers are able to add music to every room of their house and every part of their life.Sonos gives instant access to millions of songs and stations — including music libraries like iTunes that are stored on your computer, thousands of free Internet radio stations, and the most popular online music services, like Pandora.

    March 20, 2011 at 9:12 am

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