1. Download the latest release
  2. On your GoogleTV type gtv.playon.tv into the search bar (on the Logitech Revue you find this by clicking the magnifying glass on the bottom, left of the keyboard). This will bring you to the page that discovers your PlayOn PC. You should bookmark this page for easy access (on the Logitech Revue, you can bookmark a page by pressing the star-shaped icon button on the bottom, right of the keyboard).
  3. You can now navigate PlayOn via the touchpad on the keyboard. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite show.

Known issues: The back button on the keyboard will work, however the play and pause buttons on the keyboard will not work. You will need to use the on-screen controller for those trick-play features which you can get by using the trackpad to move the cursor over the bottom of the screen.


The Logitech Revue Google TV unit detects DLNA Media Servers like Twonky (for the PC & MAC), Tversity(PC) and Windows Media Player 11(PC).   The Sony Blu ray Internet TV device(powered by Google TV) is also listed as a DLNA Certified device that should detect the same media servers.


DLNA Certified

We tested another work around to get Hulu to play on the Google TV.  It almost seemed like too much effort at this point, but i was told about PlayOn’s Digital Media Server ($79.99) and decided to download the 14 day free trial.

We first tested the software on a Play Station 3 and the Nintendo Wii Entertainment systems and it worked flawlessly.  We did test the software and installed it on a Windows Vista machine, so that was a problem of its own.  We don’t like to use Vista machines, but it was the only thing available at the time of testing. The Notebook that we tested was “hardwired” into the router.

Testing on the Google TV didn’t go as smooth as we wanted it to, but it honestly could have been the our computer.

Here are the steps to play content from a media server on your Sony Blu Ray Internet TV device.

Go to the Applications list and select the Media Player.

Click the list button on the remote and select your device.

Select HULU from the items menu.

A HULU file folder system comes up and you can select the category type to view.

We selected TV Shows.

Sort by category.

It didn’t work for us.  A message that “There are no items to display”

came up.  Will someone do us a favor and test this method of connect to HULU on their Google TV device?

UPDATE: We found out that we did have internet connectivity problems when we tested this on the Google TV. Stay tuned for updates, we plan to test it tomorrow while we still have our testing unit.

UPDATE 2: We concluded our PlayOn software tests and the results are in.  The Sony Internet TV Blu ray player does not work with the PlayOn software.  It shows empty folders when you browse. We researched the DNLA Certification and it only lists JPEG images in the certification documentation.

UPDATE 3:  Okay, it is right there on the specifications page on the Sony site that it only supports DLNA for PHOTO.  Sucks!!!!!!!