Google TV – Not Ready For Primetime


Google TV doesn’t promise to be anything, so you can’t be shocked when it just doesn’t do much.

The slick search box, the Chrome App with the FULL INTERNET Experience , the (limited) Android Apps are all there.  It is 100% honest in its marketing of the product, but why do i feel like a dip$hit for buying it.  The device turns on with a slick Google TV animation and it loads up with a very generic Android 2.1 GUI.  Simple and clean is good, but too simple and too clean isn’t. It just doesn’t feel like a completed product at this point.  It feels very beta at this point and i feel like i paid $400 to be a beta tester.

The search box overlay is cool looking and it is nice to have the option to just do a quick google search whenever i want, but it doesn’t feel very natural.   I think that it may get better when the devices are cell phone controlled because i can txt message a whole lot quicker than i can type with the Sony remote keypad.  Doing a Goolgle search in the middle of a program isn’t all that “awesome” either.  I typed in “MODERN FAMILY” and it showed me results for future showings of the show, online video results , web results and the ability DVR my favorite shows IF you have a DISH NETWORK DVR.  Pretty neat, but I want a link that takes me to watch episodes on  This is GoogleTv and it should have a slick interface that takes you to a page that loads up all your favorite shows that are available free online.  At least send me directly to the Shows online landing page.

The Good –

  • Websites that are optimized for the Google TV experience. Some of the interfaces are wonderful. This device will only get better as more website are optimized.
  • The Twitter App – This app is similar to the new Twitter experience that was recently launched.
  • The full internet experience – Via the Chrome browser, you can view nearly any website.

The Bad –

  • The Sony Blu ray box requires an A/V receiver or a cable/satellite box that has an HDMI output.
  • The lack of App support until 2011 – No Android store open and it lacks the ability to manually add apps.
  • No Hulu support –  It worked at first, but they blocked it.
  • The basic first generation Netflix interface –  Not nearly as functional as the PS3 or Wii. The same interface that is available on low end Blu ray players.
  • No quicktime support – Not many plugins are supported as of today.  This may change in the future.
  • The Controls –  the controls are different depending on if you are on a website, within an app or within the Android GUI.
  • Android 2.1 –  No Froyo

The Outlook –

  • I have no doubt that this device will be awesome in the future.  This is going to be a great product in the next six months.  This is NOT a great product now and will not be one until Apps are developed to take advantage of the Android operating system mashup with your HDTV.

Verdict – This device is being returned to the store.  This device isn’t ready for PRIMETIME!!!!!