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I set up my new apple tv in about 10 minutes by simply connecting Ethernet, HDMI, optical sound, and power cord. The Ethernet is not needed if you want to use Wi Fi. The design is elegant and simple, the box is less than half the size of the old Apple TV so you don’t even need to hide it. Make sure to load up your Apple ID as well as your Netflix password and you’re good to go.

The Netflix addition alone is worth the $99 purchase since you can take advantage of the “watch instantly” function that comprises of both TV shows and movies. I was concerned that I would be wasting money on something that would be phased out again but for $99 it was a bargain instead of upgrading some other more expensive equipment to watch the internet on your tv. The functionality of the Apple TV is impressive as it streams content from your computer once you enable “home Sharing” on your ITunes. This home sharing option allows you to access everything in your ITunes library including all your photos and music. The movies and TV shows from Netflix have went from grainy to crisp despite lack of HD. The Apple store still allows you to pay and download HD movies as well as other selections but you can’t beat a $10 monthly subscription to Netflix to watch almost anything for free as long as it’s not a new release.
The sleep now function is a relief if you were familiar with the old one it seemed like it might burn up shelf because it got so hot. I have not seen any web browsing capabilites other than Flickr, You Tube, Apple Store, Netflix but I’m sure there are more to come. This is definitely the new generation of streaming video and Netflix was smart enough to partner with Apple TV in their conquest. With a little bit more progress we may be able to phase out those ridiculous cable and satellite bills. I am always impressed with Apple products and I believe this is no exception.

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  1. Great review!

    July 15, 2013 at 6:20 am
  2. Barend J

    Fantastic site Gadgetwhore! I purchased all kinds of gear over the last few months, looking forward to posting my comments/feedback etc in the very near future.

    November 14, 2010 at 10:53 am

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