Holiday Gift Guide: Smart Home Devices

As we inch closer to the November and December Holiday season, it is time to think about the perfect gifts for your family and friends. This year will be the year of drones and Home Automation. In this post, we will focus on the many Home Automation/Smart Home products that will fill your year with […]

Garmin Edge 520 with Strava Live Segments

Garmin is selling its newest Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer for $299 USD and giving you three months of Strava’s Premium service for free. It may sound like Garmin and Strava are just being very, very nice at first. The truth is that they are being a little nice and doing a bit of great […]

Fix Your Broken Amiigo Shoe Pod

The Amiigo was released not too long ago and the reviews are mixed as of right now. Some users really love it and find it to be a great tool to give insights into their daily workout and sleep routines. The Amiigo is unique because it is actually two devices.  The Amiigo has a wristband and […]

Gymwatch Android App

Gymwatch is the wearable start-up from Germany that released a device to track strength and motion.  Many customers were angry when they received the crowdfunded product, but did not have access to the android version of the app.  Only early iOS customers had access to an app with limited features to test and try out their new […]