2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Men’s Edition

    Each Year the GadgetWhore staff put together a list of the items we want most. We are closing in on a little over a month until Christmas Day and now it’s time to release the list. All these items can be found and ordered on Amazon.com and full disclosure, we do have an […]

Atlas Wearables – Android Beta App Sneak Peak

Atlas Wearables – Android Beta App Sneak Peek

09-14-14 Is Your Best Shot To Get A Moto 360 AT Best Buy

Today’s Sunday circular lists the Moto 360 available in-store for $249.99 in both Silver and Black.  This item is sure to sell out, so be at your local Best Buy when it opens at 11 AM.

Moto 360 – How-To Guide

GadgetWhore.org’s Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360 You finally have your Moto 360 in hand, but you want to know how to do certain things.  Here are a few useful How-To guides and other resources that will help you get started. If you have any tips, tricks or videos that you made,  you can […]