Apple Will Drink Android Wear’s Milkshake…and Pebble and Samsung’s too.

Everyone is excited for the upcoming release of the Moto 360 smart watch powered by Android Wear.  It is a bit larger than a normal wristwatch, but it is one of the first smart watches that can pass be worn daily without drawing unwanted attention.  It has one of the few features that most smart […]

Amiigo App Screenshots 03/31/14

Update: 04/04/14 Here is the link to the Amiigo App on the Google Play Store. amiigo app on Google Play A source was nice enough to send us screenshots of all the Amiigo app screens. This is going to take a long time to load the page. Our source was also nice to point out […]

Vudu for iOS and Android Finally Work With Chromecast

Vudu for iOS and Android now support standard definition(Update: HDX streaming now available ) streaming via Chromecast. It looks like support is limited to only standard definition(Update: Vudu for iOS is now streaming in HDX)for now, but that may change soon.  The movie description pages have been updated with the Chromecast icon to identify the […]

Pro Fitness Caliber Wearables Go Mainstream and To the Masses

Remember those crazy 90′s Gatorade commercials where elite athletes were evaluated at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute? Pro athletes were running on treadmills and performing (ECG)Electrocardiogram and VO2 tests with a team evaluating every aspect of their workout. They gave these elite athletes an edge by giving them important data on how their individual bodies […]

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