Fix Your Broken Amiigo Shoe Pod

The Amiigo was released not too long ago and the reviews are mixed as of right now. Some users really love it and find it to be a great tool to give insights into their daily workout and sleep routines. The Amiigo is unique because it is actually two devices.  The […]


Gymwatch Sensor Android App

Gymwatch Android App

Gymwatch is the wearable start-up from Germany that released a device to track strength and motion.  Many customers were angry when they received the crowdfunded product, but did not have access to the android version of the app.  Only early iOS customers had access to an app with limited features to test […]

Valencell – The Company That Powers Wearables

Valencell is a small tech company from North Carolina that is empowering the next wave of consumer wearables with biometric data that offers unmatched accuracy.  Valencell’s biometric sensor technology has been clinically validated in earbuds, armbands, wristbands and more.     Their Perform Tek sensor is one of the only sensors […]

PerformTek by Valencell

Wearables – Are They In It For The Data?

Consumer Wearables are incredibly difficult to design, manufacture and ultimately release.  Most consumer Wearable software platforms are proprietary and take years to design and develop.  The hardware and software build out for wearables can be more unpredictable if the company building it is a startup.  Startups don’t have the connections […]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Men’s Edition

    Each Year the GadgetWhore staff put together a list of the items we want most. We are closing in on a little over a month until Christmas Day and now it’s time to release the list. All these items can be found and ordered on and full […]

gwgiftguide2014's Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360

Moto 360 – How-To Guide 4’s Guide to Getting Started With the Moto 360 You finally have your Moto 360 in hand, but you want to know how to do certain things.  Here are a few useful How-To guides and other resources that will help you get started. If you have any tips, tricks or videos […]

Why Isn’t the Moto 360 A Full Circle?

  Many people were disappointed by the lack of a fully round display in the Moto 360.  When LG announced the LG G Watch R, they were  quick to allude that their display was better because it offered the first smartwatch with a true circular display. The LG G Watch R […]

Moto 360 Isn't A Full Circle

Moto 360 Render without flat tire

Did Motorola Just Give Us A Preview Of the Moto 360 II (2nd Gen.) ? 1

Did you catch it in the Motorola’s most recent video for the Moto 360? You may be wondering what we are talking about, right?   Did you see the full circle Moto 360 without the ‘flat tire’ at the bottom? It wasn’t only displayed once.   They actually showed it […]