Moto 360 Specs, Price and Release Date

Moto 360 Specifications Leak, Price and Release Date

Best Buy Moto 360 Leak

We finally have a reason to thank Best Buy.   According to reports, they accidentally leaked the specifications for the much anticipated Moto 360 android wear smartwatch.  If you are eagerly waiting for the Moto 360 to come out, you have most likely already looked up the specs that were listed on the Best Buy leak.   We are going to list some details of them and compare them to the android wear watches that are already out.  Not all of the specific details are out, so this list may change as more information is released.  The announcement date for the Moto 360 is scheduled for September 4th and the device will most likely go on sale on September 5th or 12th.

So far the devices are only compatible with certain android 4.3 and 4.4 models.  There are currently no plans to make them iOS compatible because of the battle of the smart watches that starts when Apple releases the iWatch.

Based off of specs and pure design, the Moto 360 has to be the clear front runner between all the current generation android wear devices.   A new batch of android wear devices are scheduled to come out in September, so the Moto 360 may only be the go to watch for a month or so before the latest generation hits the scene.  The Moto 360 comes with a premium leather watch band and has a metal bezel, plastic or composite rear with an optical heart rate monitor.  The Qi wireless charging makes it even more attractive to consumers because you can easily pick up an additional charger on Amazon for $7 to $40.  That will make it easy to have one available to keep at your office.  The reported up to 3 day battery life also offers a much longer between necessary charging.  The LG G Watch can barely make a full day if you have the brightness cranked up.

See our comparison chart below and let us know if any of the information is not correct.





Screen Type LCD LCD Super AMOLED
Screen Resolution 320X290 280X280 320X320
Screen Form Factor Round, 1.5”  Square Square
Screen PPI




Touchscreen Yes Yes Yes
Screen Glass Gorilla Glass 3 unknown unknown
Ambient Light Sensor Yes NO NO
Heart Rate Monitor Yes, PPG No Yes
Pedometer Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Yes Yes Yes
Wifi Yes No No
Voice Activated Yes Yes Yes
Vibration Alert Yes Yes Yes
Watch Faces Multiple Multiple Multiple
Water Resistant Yes, IP67 Yes, IP67 Yes, IP67
Processor TI Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Storage 4GB 4GB 4GB
RAM 512MB 512MB 512MB
Battery Lithium Ion 400mAh Lithium Ion 400mAh Lithium Ion 300mAh
Battery life




Charging Method Qi Wireless Supplied Adapter Supplied Adapter




Visit SKULLY’s Campaign Visit the SKULLY campaign



Marcus Weller CEO of SKULLY

Marcus Weller was vacationing in Europe and taking in the local roads while motorcycling when he quickly looked off to read a street sign and crashed into a car that had unexpectedly stopped.  He figured that there had to be a piece of technology that could prevent this type of incident from happening again.  He scoured the interwebs and found that such a product did not exist.  Soon after he had a dream that he was back on that same road in Europe, but this time the accident was prevented because his helmet had a display with navigation and a rearview camera.   The seed for Skully was planted.  He has devoted almost two years into refining the idea that became the quickest indiegogo campaign to reach one million dollars in funding.

Skully Helmet

The Skully AR-1 is the motorcycle accessory equivalent to a techie’s Google Glass.   Unlike Google Glass, Skully’s main purpose is not to receive notifications.   Skully’s smart helmet’s main purpose is to make the motorcyclist more aware of his/her surroundings and therefore increase safety.  The integrated rearview camera  and app integration for music and phone calls helps you to ‘honor the moment’.  The team believes that technology should eliminate distractions, remove blindspots, provide direction when you want it, and help you focus your attention back to where it belongs – on the road ahead.


The Skully provides an always in focus  heads up transparent display ,an Ultra wide angle rear view camera, GPS navigation and high speed microprocessor.  It connects to your phone’s internet via Bluetooth connectivity and receives over the air updates.


Skully Navigation and Rearview Camera


It is DOT/ECE certified, has a fog scratch & glare resistant visor and quick release chin strap.  It comes in sizes S-XXL with padding inserts and is made of a lightweight aerodynamic material.   It comes with an intelligent speaker system that offers audio music streaming  and hands-free calling.


Skully Tech Speca

This devices does not offer text messaging capabilities because the founders believe in creating a responsible device that in no way distracts from the road.

You can support the site by visiting their indiegogo campaign by clicking the button below.



Visit SKULLY’s Campaign on Indiegogo Visit the Campaign



Samsung Galaxy Alpha by Cnet

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Can It Compete With the iPhone 6?

This week the web was hit with glorious images of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.  What makes the Galaxy Alpha different from all the other Galaxy Phones?  With the release of the Galaxy Alpha, it marks the first time Samsung will offer a metal chassis on a Galaxy phone.  This is something that Apple has already been offering on the iPhone for years.   With Apple’s iPhone 6 already going after Samsung’s larger screen dominance, Samsung is going after Apple’s premium design.  The Samsung Alpha will feature several color options that include clean looking white, black and silver.  I also saw a blue one in there too.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha by Cnet

image by Cnet


Can changing over to a metal chassis turn Samsung’s year around?   I think that this is going to be a tough sell unless these devices support a sub-premium price tag.   Metal chassis are expensive to build in the high quantities that Samsung will need to churn out to make a profit.   Samsung is already losing out in China to manufacturers who are able to undercut their lower end smart phone pricing.

Samsung is in a pickle now and I think that they have to choose wisely when selecting the target customer they are looking for.  Apple does a good job of holding on iPhone customers.  The few customers who were leaving were drawn in to android because manufacturers were creating larger screens that Apple didn’t offer just yet.   Apple is reportedly releasing larger screen iPhone 6′s that should put an end to any exodus of iPhone customers that Samsung and the rest of the android device builders may hope for.  Android is already the market leader in terms of pure numbers, so any iPhone converts won’t really do very much to help Samsung’s bottom line.  The android manufacturers are fighting it out among themselves because they are going after larger pieces of the already large android pie.  At this point Samsung is fighting to keep its large slice of android domination.

I think that Samsung is heading in the right direction with a more Moto or HTC-ish feeling phone design, but they have to make some difficult choices with the UI that they skin over android with.  Samsung has some nice software features and decent design elements, but there is a movement towards clean and pure android installs.  Customers don’t want to have to wait for new versions of android for months after it is publicly released.   Google is doing a great job of pushing updates to its app suite, but Samsung’s TouchWhiz takes awhile to be baked into their version of android.  I think that Samsung has to offer two modes on every device when its is initially being set-up.  The first option would be the standard TouchWhiz UI and the second option should be a clean android install.   I know that it is possible to install a clean version of android on basically any android device, but it should be an initial setup option.

The next thing that Samsung and all other android phone manufacturers are in dire need of is a PREMIUM CAMERA.  I don’t know of any android device that can complete with an iPhone camera.  The iPhone 6 camera is reportedly going to be even better this time around.   This is why so many people love their iPhones.  I own a Samsung device and I get truly jealous when I see the photos that co-workers take with their iPhones.  My Samsung Galaxy Note II cannot compete with the pictures I see coming from even older generation iPhones.  Samsung should search the globe and put together a stellar group of engineers to fix the Samsung Galaxy line’s camera.  The average user doesn’t want fancy filters and 3D photo options on their smart phone camera because they already have a favorite app to customize their pictures. Samsung needs to focus on the camera hardware and software improvements that directly  improve the quality of pictures we can take in every possible lighting situation.   That is how Samsung can again become a KING in the smartphone wars.

I must note that after years of being a Samsung customer, I am seriously thinking of making the move over to Apple when the iPhone 6 is released.  One of the main things holding me back are the lack of removable storage and the horrendous battery life.

Early reports on the Alpha point that it may not be as premium of a device as we expected.   The specs indicate that it will not support an external SD card and it has a lower quality screen and processor than the Galaxy S5.  I guess they had to make some serious tradeoffs to offer such a thin profile on the device.   We give them thumbs up for the design and thumbs down for the specs.

image by CNET

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Crowdfunding Supporters Managing Expectations



noun: crowdfunding; noun: crowd-funding
  1. the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

This post will focus on electronic based hardware crowdfunding projects.


The best way to manage  your expectations is to understand how the process works.  I don’t claim to be an expert in this topic, but here are a few things that I picked up while following many crowdfunding campaigns and supporting a few.  If I had known some of the tactics that campaigns use, I could have made better choices on choosing the campaigns to support.  This is not a knock against all campaigns because some of them set realistic expectations and make it easy to get behind them.  Here are a few things to know about the different stages of a crowdfunding campaign before you click that link your friend posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter and support a campaign.

The best way to manage your expectations is to understand how the process works.


We’ve supported a few crowdfunding campaigns recently and the most exciting period is when the actual funding campaigns are active and raising cash.  First, the major tech sites get hit with the press release from the PR firm hired to get the word out to outlets that can promote the product.  Once the articles from the top sites are published, the PR teams go after the early adopters and early influencers.  The grab happens when they suck you in with a flashy promotional video and product renders that seem too good to be true and they usually are.  The founders are usually available to answer any question that you might have.  The company is active on social networking and provides frequent updates on the status of the project and even sets stretch goals to allow the project to get even better.  The big push is to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE the campaign with your social networks.  This is the honeymoon phase.

There are a few things that you will have to take note of during this initial phase of a crowdsourcing campaign to set your expectations:

ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE –  The first thing to note is the ‘estimated delivery date‘.  The key word is estimated.  It is going to be extremely difficult to deliver a hardware device if the delivery date is less than 11 or 12 months from the end of the campaign.  It might even be difficult to delivery a product after 12 to 15 months.  This is where campaigns might have to post best case scenario dates or maybe just have some wishful thinking.  I doubt most campaigns that post honest delivery dates will see a great deal of success when they state that you won’t receive your product for over a year.  Technology changes so quickly that we can’t afford to pay now for a product that won’t arrive for a year or longer. If a campaign promises to get a hardware product to you in two or three months, you should assume that either they are over-estimating themselves or just not being truthful.

The first thing to note is the ‘estimated delivery date’. The key word is estimated.

FEATURES –  Campaigns will list great features that are not available in other devices on the market.  You should view these as sort a ‘wish list’ and not a promise. Campaigns will often over-promise and under-deliver.  If a campaign does deliver all of the features promised,  you can expect them to roll out as updates months after the initial product release.  You most likely won’t get all the features shown in the product promo video.



This is usually when the founders thank supporters and set expectations for a wild ride ahead.  Availability to pre-order devices via a website is likely announced at this stage.  Sometimes they will even announce that post-campaign updates will be no longer be announced via their crowdfunding pages and will move to their website or Facebook pages.  It is never a good thing when updates are not posted to the place where you funded the item.  This is done to make the update process easier for both campaign supporters and pre-oderers. When the campaign is over the founders will usually hand over social media to the community manager. Sometimes the campaign is handed off much earlier and is often always run by a community manager.   This is a good thing for the product because it lets the the founders focus on creating a great product.    It isn’t as good for the supporters because the community managers often don’t have answers to specific tech questions that you may have and it may take awhile to get an answer to your question.  You can expect to see much less frequent updates at this stage.

It is never a good thing when updates are not posted to the place where you funded the item.


You can expect even fewer updates and an inkling of what potential problems in productions might be going on.  This stage is where the project announces that they are evaluating domestic or foreign production of devices.  The more success a campaign has(the more money raised and the more orders received) the more likely production will move overseas to China or another country where production costs are less.  The process of finding an overseas manufacturer can take months and you can consider this when determining if the project is still on schedule.   At this point the founders will usually state that the project is still on schedule.  If the estimated delivery date is less than 6 to 8 months out, it is going to be difficult to still be on schedule at this point.  The normal process is to select several manufacturer finalists and have them produce a prototype devices and then the team goes with the team they feel will produce the best final product.  Once they select the manufacturer they are going to team up with, they still have several months to go before they can produce an actual product in mass quantities.  They need to produce molds/tools and test them multiple times and make adjustments before they can move on to full scale production.   This process is likely to take several months.  The process can take longer if many custom parts are used that have to be ordered from different suppliers.  I’ve never produced a hardware product, so I may have these stages ordered incorrectly.


This is usually the stage where the campaign tells supporters that they are behind schedule and states all of the reasons listed in the stage above. This is about the same time that supporter sentiment splits in two.  You have the die hard supporters and the supporter who feel that the campaign was not honest or realistic about the timetable.  The die hard supporters will state that this is a crowdfunding campaign and that supporters should know that delays are common.  They usually stress that this isn’t a pre-order and that you are supporting a campaign and paying for a product.  The other group of supporters are angry because they feel that the campaign had been dishonest with the expected delivery dates and set unrealistic expectations.

You have the die-hard supporters and the supporter who feel that the campaign was not honest or realistic about the timetable.


This is the stage where the campaign updates the supporters on the campaign status.  This usually entails news that the campaign was hit with further unexpected delays.  This is when some of the die-hard supports move to the other group of unhappy customers.  You can expect this stage to reboot every few months when the release/delivery date is promised to be a month or two away.  The die-hards will stick with the team and even promote the campaign or pre-order, but the public sentiment of the unhappy supporters will take on a new level of activity.  Unhappy customers are more likely to take time to write something negative than happy customers are to write something positive.   You will often see comments requesting refunds on the crowdfunding page at this point. Please note that the campaign is under no obligation to provide a refund, but often they will if you ask nicely and state why you want a refund. It doesn’t help to make threats of law suits and such because they are pretty much covered by the agreement you click on when you register on the crowdfunding websites. This final stage is often repeated multiple times until the device is released.


The expectation is that when you support a crowdfunding campaign is that your support is what is making it possible for the device to be produced.   In most cases, that is just a myth.  Most of these devices could never see the light of day if the only funds they received were the ones generated from a crowdfunding campaign.  A majority of these campaigns already have at least some alternative funding in place.  They usually have several private backers who have taken equity shares in the company to pay for the production of the device.   The dirty little secret is that the true goal of a crowdfunding campaign is for the marketing and social hype of the product.  These early supporters are also good ‘beta’ testers for hardware and software that isn’t quite ready for primetime. At the end of a campaign when the founders state that they couldn’t have done it without the crowdfunding supporters, it isn’t really true.  I am sure they  appreciate your support, but the device couldn’t be produced without the behind the scenes equity backers.  After the initial crowdfunding campaign ends, the social sharing and chatter about the device dies down  and the social crowdfunding machine winds down until the device is eventually released.


As a supporter of a campaign, you can flex your social muscle by posting about your experience.  Positive support will help spread the word of the product with your social contacts and hopefully grab them more customers.  As long as your negative criticism is truthful and honest, you should not have issues.  Just don’t  spread lies about a campaign because they run behind schedule or have to change or drop features.  A social share does a lot to promote a product, so that is where your real power is.

Even if you feel let down by a product, you will still most likely want the company to succeed because you want your device to be supported with software updates and support.  Getting a hardware device out to market is an incredibly difficult task to carry out, so the honest and hard-working  founders do need and deserve support from the community.

If you read everything above and still want to fund a campaign, you may be ready to take the next step and support a crowdfunding campaign.

Support a campaign via Kickstarter or Indiegogo today.


Feel free to let me know in the comments section if you see anything that is not accurate and I will try to correct the information as soon as possible.

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*crowdfunding definition

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Nabu Razer

Nabu Razer Review


Priced at under $100(currently $49.99 for developers), the Nabu Razer is an affordable wristband device that keeps you connected to your mobile world and provides you with fitness and sleep metrics at the same time.   Finally we have a device that gives you a way to stay connected with the outside world and your inner self with one very smart device.  This devices doesn’t have the vibrant and colorful display that some of the current wearable wristbands, but may be that will work as an advantage.  The inclusion of two screens provides an easy notifications system that allows for quickly glancing at the screen to see if you have any unread notifications. I was trying to research the inclusion of two screens and this could have changed to only include one screen.  The display looks crisp, clear and easy to read.

This device is blowing up online with thousands of people trying to be selected to beta test the device.  The relatively low price and numerous features are making this device a real crowd pleaser.   It looks like the Razer is trying to limit unnecessary features in order to focus on truly useful features that will most benefit the user.


Razer Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

The Nabu subtly vibrates to let you know when an incoming notification arrives.  All you have to do is turn your wrist to on the Private Message Screen that displays all of your important notifications.  It is just as easy to dismiss your notifications with a quick shake of your wrist.  You are probably curious as to what kind of notifications you will receive, right?  The Nabu gives you notifications for calls, emails, SMS, reminders, WeChat, Google Maps, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Skype.

razer tracks activities


Nabu connects with your favorite apps to give you a powerful, accurate overview of your daily activities.  The Razer captures and analyzes your raw data using advanced algorithms and visualizes your biometric data on your smartphone.  The analysis will let you see your bio trends to set and achieve yours personal goals.


Social Discovery

The Razer uses a unique wireless frequency to connect with people nearby and allows you to easily exchange information with other Razer users.  This features seems very cool, but a little gimmicky because the adoption level will have to be fairly high for you to run into a potential contact/friend who also own a Razer.   Still, i am sure that the wireless frequency communication technology can be adopted to enable other advanced features.




Picture 1 of 8


  • 128×32 OLED Private Message Screen
  • Splashproof
  • Accelerometer, altimeter, vibration motor
  • Compatible with iOS (iPhone 5, 5C, 5S) and Android 4.3+ devices
  • 5 – 7 days battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Pre-Release Review Rating

Nabu Razer
Battery Life
Ease of Use
Operating System
Mod/Hack Friendliness
GW Score 6.6
Users Score (2 votes) 7.4
Leave your rating
Features 0
Display 0
Battery Life 0
Ease of Use 0
Memory/Storage 0
Design 0
Operating System 0
Sturdiness 0
Mod/Hack Friendliness 0
LG G Watch - Gadgetwhore

LG G Watch

LG G Watch - GadgetWhore

This review of the  LG G Watch is coming a little bit later than most of the reviews that came out when the device was first released.   I figured that I would live with the device for a few weeks before I gave my impressions of it.

It is difficult to give a review of the base watch features because the meat of this device is the android wear OS. It pulls in all of your Google Now and notification information seamlessly.  Google does not let manufacturers skin android wear, so the experience is consistent across all devices running it.   This should also make it much easier for Google to roll out updates across the entire platform at once.

Android Wear - GadgetWhore

I was hoping to disagree with the countless reviews that said that the android wear devices were not ready for primetime.  I came away with with a very similar opinion, but I do think that the device is ready for primetime.  The core android wear features become instantly useful and enjoyable.  This isn’t a revolutionary platform yet, but the seeds have been planted for this platform to become infinitely more useful in the near future.  This is only the first iteration of the platform and improvements are expected as the platform matures.  The seamless integration will become more obvious as android’s new material design UI elements invade the next version of the android OS.

I did find myself reaching for my phone far less than normal.  I estimate that my phone handling at work went down by 70%.   I normally play music from the stock android music player and the skip feature wasn’t as useful as just clicking the next track button on the lock screen on android 4.4.  The music player functions are not as useful in that case, but they can be incredibly useful if you are listening to music while working out or jogging with your phone in your pocket or pouch.  I did find the calendar updates to be very useful because I often neglect looking at my calendar widget.  The weather cards are useful too and they normally are location aware, so you will always know the temp and forecast for your location.  The time to get a certain location card is a very nice feature.  My device gives me an update if the traffic on my way home is delayed and it gives me an estimated time to get home.  The card will also let you know if traffic is normal, so you are made aware of any situation.  I don’t really use the search by voice feature for anything useful, but I did set a reminder to not forget my food in the office refrigerator before I left work.  It doesn’t sound like that feature would be useful until you realize that I had left my lunch in the refrigerator the previous two times I place it in there.  I think I also used the search by voice feature when we were debating how tall Tom Cruise was during a slow period at work.  The device instantly gave me the info.  He is 5′ 7″ if you are curious.  The voice dictation for text, hangouts and email are good, but the lack of a final CONFIRM BEFORE SEND feature makes me a little nervous. The other non-essential, but fun feature is the step tracking.  It appears to be fairly accurate and it did not mark false steps when I tried to trick it.

The device comes preloaded with several watch faces that vary in coolness.   Some of the watch faces are downright funky looking.   If  you aren’t happy with the selection of digital and digital made to look like analog faces, you will be happy that several cool watch faces are available to download on the Play Store.   One of more cool app titled WatchFaces installs several nice watch faces and also allows you to create your own custom designs.

The design of the LG G watch is fairly plain, but I think that it looks better than the Samsung Gear Live.   Several other reviewers have disagreed with me and seem to think that the Samsung device is the better looker of the two.  The clean and simple design of the LG G watch isn’t as bad as many people are saying it is.  I think that it is good for a watch to just blend in.  The lack of a physical on/off button is a little annoying and the battery is not very good when left on always on mode, but it is quite good in the mode that goes to sleep after a few seconds.   In that mode, the device comes back to life with a quick flick of the wrist and is ready to take voice commands.  The lack of an ambient light sensor is also a bit of a bummer because you will have to adjust the brightness manually when you go outside from being indoors.

All in all, this watch is fun to use and comes in handy quite often.   Is it a must have device?   I think that you can live without it and I am sure that devices six months down the road with have much nicer design elements and most likely better specs and device specific customizations.  This $229 device will most likely be much cheaper if you wait until Thanksgiving to purchase it.  As of now the device is only compatible with android devices running version 4.3 and above.  This mean all of the iOS users won’t be able to use it.  If you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket and you love being an early adopter, this is a cool device at a reasonable price point.

Here is our score below:

LG G Watch
Battery Life
Ease of Use
Operating System
Mod/Hack Friendliness
GW Score 8.0
Users Score (2 votes) 7.7
Leave your rating
Features 0
Display 0
Battery Life 0
Ease of Use 0
Memory/Storage 0
Design 0
Operating System 0
Sturdiness 0
Mod/Hack Friendliness 0


Custom Android Wear Watch Face

Create Your Own Custom Android Wear Watch Face

The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are out and people are searching for custom digital watch faces.  The Samsung Gear Live  and LG G Watch have basic standard watch faces and custom watch faces designed specifically for their devices. There are already several custom android wear watch faces available on the Play store.

What if you just want something more personal?  You are in luck because an app named WearFaces has been released that lets you create very basic custom watch faces.  It is a fun little app to play with.  The app is currently free, so show the developers some love with a good rating on the Play Store if  you like it.

Custom Android Wear Watch Faces

WearFaces is available on the Play Store to create custom android wear watch faces


Here is a little video that the developers put together.

Here are the template files that you can use to create your custom android wear watch faces.

Custom watch face for LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live

Custom Android Wear Watch Face


Custom Android Wear Hour Hand


Custom Android Wear Minute Hand


Here is a graphic of the instructions:

Custom Android Wear watch face


We gave it a shot and downloaded the app and template files and spent a few minutes creating a GadgetWhore branded Custom Android Wear Watch Face.   This is a very crude design based on a design that we saw from the Moto 360 contest and the minute markers came out messed up.   This was our first attempt and it really doesn’t look that bad.  You are going to need the  template files and software to edit the images. You can leave the default hour and minute hands while you are testing your new watch face on your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live.


Custom watch face for android wear

Custom GadgetWhore Branded android wear watch face.

 Update: Wearfaces updated to allow dim state watch faces and also added a watch face gallery to their website.

Please share any of your design in the comment section and show off your designs.


If you were looking custom watch faces to download rather than create, you  can find some here.

Binary Watch Face

Wear Watch Faces

ACW Watch Face

Band O’Clock For Wear

Strava App Now Supports Android Wear

Strava Android App Now Supports Android Wear


Download Strava on the Play StoreDownload Strava on the Play Store

Strava Android app updated to support Android Wear.

This is one of our favorite running apps.

Runtastic Android Wear Update

Runtastic Gets Android Wear Support


Download Runtastic on the Play StoreDownload Runtastic on the Play Store

It looks like more apps are getting an Android Wear update in preparation for next week’s LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live release.  Runtastic just released an update for Android Wear.

What’s New
Enjoy Runtastic 5.1.2 with optimized functionality & new features!
Android Wear Integration: Control your Runtastic app with Android Wear
* Start a run or bike session via voice command
* Read your favorite stats from your wrist
* Display your post-workout session details, including maps, on Android Wear


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